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Here Are Baby Names Parents Regret Giving Their Kids!

1. Isis

Meaning: Egyptian goddess of the moon

Since an extreme terrorist group named Isis appeared in 2013, many parents have tried to change their kids' names. No one wants their children to sound like a terrorist, right? 


2. Harper

Meaning: Someone who plays the harp

Image your disappointment if after months of out of the box thinking you finally come up with an unusual name for your baby boy, only to find that it is one of the “it” names for girls? The boys with that name are barely surviving.


3. Ottilie

Meaning: Wealth

Not only did it take months to come up with the name Ottilie, but also it is very difficult for your family and friends to pronounce and spell it correctly. You may feel more regretful when you find your children sending out notes to help her friends remember.


4. Tennessee

Meaning: A place name
Actress Reese Witherspoon named her youngest son Tennessee, but recently she regretted the choice because the name might make their son subject to mockery since it sounds kind of snobbish. 


5. Qui Ante’

Meaning: Brave warrior
Babies with a name like this are hard to be forgotten. But parents are beginning to regret their choices because the name may put babies in a racial stigma. 


6. Rafferty

Meaning: Abundance
Just when you think you find the perfect name for your boy, others are telling you that Rafferty is only a last name. All you can do is having to repeat it to clarify. 


7. Eilidh

Meaning: Sun
Eilidh would have made the perfect baby girl name until your German friends and neighbours would undoubtedly pronounce the name as “eyelid”. 


8. Astrid

Meaning: Divinely beautiful
Parents who once loved the name Astrid are now on the fence about it because it’s too unique and it’s hard to come up with cute and simple nicknames, except for Astridnaut. 


9. Charlotte

Meaning: Freeman
You would think the baby name Charlotte would be high on parents’ love list since Prince William and Kate enjoy this baby name very much. However, many parents would rather not use it because it is too common.


10. Frederick

Meaning: Peaceful ruler
While lots of vintage boy’s names have once again become popular(Oliver and Wyatt), Frederick hasn’t quite enjoyed the same bump in popularity because some parents think it’s a bit too fussy for their sweet little babies. 


11. Anthony

Meaning: Priceless one
Anthony has been falling out of favor slowly but surely since Tony Soprano has put a hit out on it. 


12. Elsa

Meaning: Pledged to God
Looks like you may come to regret your decision if you name your daughter after a popular Disney princess. 


13. Jacob

Meaning: Supplanter
Jacob was the most popular name for boys from 1999 to 2012, but most parents discovered they weren’t as into Team Jacob as they once thought they were. 


14. Jayne

Meaning: God’s gracious gift
Maybe parents regret not choosing the more traditional spelling of Jane for their little ladies. 


15. Ruby

Meaning: Deep red precious stone
As great you might think this precious stone is, some parents feel Ruby, as a baby name, isn’t that lustrous. 

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