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Inside Chip And Joanna Gaines Texas Farmhouse After Multi-million Renovation

Joanna and Chip Gaines from popular home improvement show, Fixer Upper, on HGTV specialize in giving their customers' homes glamorous new trendy makeovers. With such an eye for design and decoration, the duo's home does not disappoint. Now let's take a closer look at the Gaines' stunning Texas home that cost them 18 months and several million to recreate.

1. Settle Down

Joanna and Chip Gaines have lived in nine various homes since they got married in 2003. Ultimately, they decided to settle down and bought an 1895 farmhouse in 2012. To perfectly suit their big seven-person family, the happy home-helping couple launched a personal renovation project that cost millions and lasted a year and a half. In the end, it turned out to be very much worth the labor.


2. Finally Ready

In October 2013, the Gaineses moved into the renovated farmhouse - a shiplap and subway tile-filled haven. It's a 1,700-square-foot Victorian home that sits on 40 beautiful acres in Crawford, Texas, a suburb of Waco. As is to be anticipated, the signature style of the fixer-upper couple's on-screen design renovations is plentiful in their own cozy humble abode.


3. Neutral Colors

The exterior of their new home has remained traditional and classic, with a soft white tone that perfectly matches the classic wooden beams. This subtle nature helps attract attention to the oak trees around the house, which are what induced Joanna and Chip Gaines to purchase this farmhouse in the first place. Well, would the neutral tones go on to the inside?


4. Enter The Farmhouse

Now let's take a closer look at the interior of the recreated farmhouse. The entrance features a hall with a light and airy tone that brilliantly matches the whites and grays of the exterior. The coat rack, inspiring wall motto, and a "G" for Gaines are all set with clean and tasteful style. Clearly, the Gaineses have left their personal stamp on the design. Did we expect anything less?


5. Cooking Up A Storm

Taking a gander at the kitchen, you may notice there is a real sense of openness. A key aspect the Gaines wanted for the interior was an easy flow between rooms, so they totally restructured the walls and the layout. The white tiling, painted wooden ceiling, and black fixtures and fittings present a modern look while maintaining the rustic appeal of a farmhouse. The shiny breakfast bar looks exceptionally inviting for a large family to enjoy meals together.


6. Multi-Purpose Area

On the other side of the kitchen, you'll find a lounge and diner that effortlessly flows from the kitchen. The home is perfectly built to direct the family with ease, and one can easily go from assembling food in the kitchen to having drinks in a more relaxed environment. The dining table is suitably sized to accommodate the whole Gaines clan; the comfy couch is big enough for all the family to snuggle on; and each accessory beautifully reflects Joanna's Magnolia Market.


7. Lounging Around

Let's take a closer look at the lounge area, one of the key areas in a home that makes it feel "homely." For parents who have to manage multiple children, you'll need some space to relax after a hard day juggling kids and handling businesses. The Gaineses living room is a brilliant combination of functional lounging and beautiful design. Thanks to Chip's structural work, the area is enveloped in an even and open feeling, making it an ideal place to take the weight off your feet.


8. Extra Charms

Strolling through the Gaines' home, a number of little finishing touches will catch your eye. Just look at the strikingly beautiful vase with fresh flowers that brighten up the room and the distinctly alluring lamp that screams flea market treasure. Many of these little home accents can be found at the Magnolia Market online and offline. Joanna loves sharing her design prowess, and her home is the perfect advertisement for her own products.


9. The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is the only part of the farmhouse that is completely new. Chip and Joanna took care to ensure this addition room fitted with the classic style of the rest of the interior. They found old doors and even used some flooring materials from the original attic to maintain its charm. The real centerpiece of the room is the stunning bed. It stays true to the neutral tones and really makes the space.


10. The Relaxing Part Of The Master Bedroom

The living room is not the only space where Chip and Joanna Gaines can unwind. On the left of the bed, there is a very comfortable seating area with two cushy seats. It's an ideal spot for the busy power couple to take a breather, especially on a chilly winter evening. With a fireplace perfectly placed to warm up, they can rest their feet or have a nap. Easily, it's the coziest nook of this immaculately designed room.


11. The Bathroom Of The Master Bedroom

Turn to the right of the bed, you'll find an old door, leading to an en-suite bathroom. The door alongside the lanterns on each side appears to be the most inviting part of the bathroom, making it look more like an entrance to a Hobbit hole than a bathing quarters. Inside the bathroom, the neutral palette continues with the white floors, drawers, sink, bathtub, and a chandelier. It's a soothing spot to take a bath and wash away the frustrations of the day.


12. The Girls' Bedroom

The bedroom of the Gaines' two daughters, Ella Rose, age 13, and Emmie Kay, age 9, is also something of which they can be proud. With white and gray colors, subtle wall art and a chandelier, the room shows off all the hallmarks of the Gaines' style. A splash of pink poking out from the bedside tables just adds a bit of color to the simple shades. Look at the beautiful dollhouse; it just looks very similar to their own farmhouse. Taken together, all these things make the room an ideal bedroom for any young girl that has dreamed of living like a princess.


13. The Boys' Bedroom

Chip and Joanna have built something a little bit different for the bedroom of their three sons - Drake (born in 2003), Duke (born in 2008), and Crew (born in 2018). These cheeky boys have stylish bunk beds with steel frames, adventure literally written on the walls, and a buck head in the bathroom. But, wait, four beds each with a light? Is that fourth bed for a guest kid or is there another boy in the picture?


14. The Adventure Part Of The Boys' Bedroom

On the other side of the boy's bedroom, you'll find plenty of things to keep the adventurous boys' minds and hands busy. The giant map on the wall makes it easy to finish up their geography homework at a long desk with three stools, while the ladder helps them work off their extra energy. The two boards on the wall beside the ladder are perfect for hanging photos. While maintaining the neutral color palette in the room, the Gaineses have also created an inspiring environment.


15. Stairs With Family Photos

The Gaineses truly love their family life, which can be seen in Joanna's Instagram that is loaded with their family photos. Being experts in decor and design, the couple are adamant that it's the simple aspects that make a home feel like home. Just take a gander at the stairway to the upstairs. It comes complete with the classic black and white family photos that are framed in black and white, thus keeping the color flow while showcasing the special moments for the Gaines family.


16. A Coffee Bar

The Gaines family have also built in their home an uncommon but very welcome spot - a coffee bar. Decked out with stools and shelving for coffees and syrups, this neat little section is a perfect place to have a hot and steamy cup of coffee. A coffee bar is not often seen in households, but the Gaineses have assembled their own in such a small spot. It is an inspiration for your own home design and decor.


17. Kids' Craft Room

The farmhouse may seem to be a small purchase for the big Gaines family, but Chip and Joanna have used every inch of the place to great effect. Take a look at the craft room for the kids that is creatively fashioned from a quaint little corner in the upper attic. With a table, several stools, an overhead light, a window and two box shelves on the walls, it is an adorably perfect little area to inspire the kids to get in touch with their artistic side.


18. Adult Craft Room

The children are not the only ones that have their own area to get creative in the house. Joanna has built a similar crafting space for adults, too. Complete with more shelving, a bigger table, more chairs with wheels, an overhead light, and beautiful art on the walls, the adult crafting room is brilliantly designed. Also located in the attic, the room is a perfect quiet space to work on her interior design projects.


19. The Outside Entertainment

The outside of the farmhouse is again traditional and classic, and Chip and Joanna have done much with their 40 acres of land. They have built a fire pit for cooking up meats and repurposed a barn for creating furnishings. It is a perfect area for a barbeque with family and friends during the balmy summer evenings. There is also a lot of space for the children to play and enjoy the oak trees that made the Gaineses fall in love with this property in the first place.


20. The Farm

The lush and beautiful farmland comes complete with trees, plants, and shrubs and was a big draw for Chip and Joanna. They made the most of it by transforming the garden into a true farm, including a beautiful chicken coop and a silo. They even share the land with plenty of animals to preserve the classic appeal of the farming aspect of the land.


21. The Greenhouse

Another wonderful feature the outside of the farmhouse boasts for is a quaint greenhouse. While the land makes for a nice farm, the Gaines family could still grow their favorite plants or vegetables over the winter. Beautifully designed and decorated with the familiar white palette, the greenhouse seems like an enclosed garden. It is also a perfect spot to teach the children about the finer points of botany.


22. The Garden

Apart from the greenhouse we marveled at earlier, the Gaines family also have a nice outdoor garden. Complete with a plant-covered trellis, rows of garden beds, and a spacious shed, the outdoor oasis adds farmhouse style to the property. The garden is wonderfully designed with a trail through the middle and a fence to protect it from animals. Joanna must have had a lot of fun gardening alone or with her children here.


23. Worth The Effort

With space for everything the Gaines family could ever want, we can definitely understand why they fell in love with the farmhouse. Just see how peaceful Joanna seems relaxing on the porch holding her youngest boy and admiring the land. The image with the Gaines family and Christmas tree best showcases the true impact of their renovated farmhouse. These happy moments make such a house worth all the effort.

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