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What’s Balayage? Everything You Need To Know About It

#1: What's balayage?


Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. In hair coloring though, it refers to a dyeing technique that uses patches of light and shade to create multiple dimensions to the color. It provides a sun-kissed and natural look, leaving any dullness far far away. But, do you know why it has become quite so popular in recent years?

#2: Why is it so popular?


Ten years ago, balayage was less well known. But, as is often the case, celebrities, like Gisele, Chrissy Teigen and Jessica Alba, rocked balayage styles on the red carpet, and ever since there has been a surge in interest for the technique. Now it’s plain to see that many stars have fallen in love with balayage, including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Olivia Palermo, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Amber Heard. Are you wondering if it is right for you?

#3: Is it suitable for all hair types and lengths?


Balayage works on all hair lengths, except on very short hair, such as a pixie or a crop. It pairs best with long, textured hair as it creates a beautiful, sun-kissed look. Whether you have straight, wavy or curly locks, dark or light hair colors, just go for it. However, balayage can’t fully cover grey hair, as it will only help blend in the grey to disguise it. Do you know what the different types of balayage are?

#4: What're the different types of balayage?


Balayage is a hand-painting technique, so it allows for a big variety of color compositions. It can combine with several shades for a bright, dimensional result, or with conventional highlights placed closer to the face for a complexion-boosting glow. Many people might confuse balayage and ombre, but they are different. So what’s ombre?

#5: What’s ombre?


Ombre means shade or shadow. It’s a two-toned hair color effect that is from darker to lighter. The ombre hairstyle can be any color combination, brown or red, natural blonde, or something fresh like pink, blue, green or purple. You can even combine ombre and balayage in a merged technique to create a really pretty end result. How do you choose between ombre and balayage then?

#6: The ombre? Or The Balayage? How To Choose?


If you’re creative and adventurous with your style, ombre will certainly help you make a statement with your hair. But it’s crucial that your hair is healthy enough, to begin with, or it will look dull and will fade quickly. If you love sexy, sun-kissed hair color, go for balayage. It will refresh your hairstyle and light up your look. How about caring for you ombre or balayage hair though?

#7: How to care for your ombre or balayage hair?


You should use some featured products to keep the hair shiny and healthy, like bond ultim8, the re-bond and color care products. Bond ultim8 prevents bond breakage and protects the bond over time. The re-bond 3 step routine helps fortify weakened, over-processed hair, and color care moisturizes and protects the depth, tone, and shine of color-treated hair. So, how long does balayage last?

#8: How long does balayage last?


One of the benefits of balayage is that it doesn’t require frequent touch-ups. When to change your color mainly depend on the style of balayage you go for, generally speaking, the blended finish means you can leave the hair color four months between top-ups. What's this year’s balayage update then?

#9: What's this year’s balayage update?


Different places in the U.S have developed their own unique balayage tastes. For New Yorkers, 15 mins at the backwash seem to fit right in with their high octane lifestyles without compromising on the look at all. The usage of this new method can be seen on Poppy Delevingne. Meanwhile In L.A, for blondes who want to be blonder, you can see eyepopping blonde tones in a combination with touched up roots, which together soften the natural color very effectively. This takes 45 mins; As seen on Michelle Williams. So, how can you tell if your balayage has worked properly?

#10: How Can You Tell If Your Balayage Work Properly?


The balayage strands should be very close and soft at the root, and it should be applied on the surface of the section and not saturated through the division until the very tips. So do your research before heading to the salon, and find an expert stylist to give you a change.

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