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30 Gorgeous Short Layered Hairstyles That Are Easy To Style

Short layered hairstyles can be sweet, sultry and chic because layers can increase the volume of your locks. These look awesome for any occasion and they are suitable for every face shape. Now, we are going to introduce to you 20 different varieties of short layered hairstyles that are really hot on the trend scene. Come and get inspired!

#1: Classy Layered Pixie


Pixie cuts can be sassy all the time! If you are looking for a playful and edgy style, try this gorgeous choppy pixie. It is easy to style! Tuck the short side hair behind your ear and leave the long side forward. Or, just use a texturizing product for a bedhead.

#2: Inverted Bob with Redhead


We love the soft, barely-there highlights in this short style. In fact, the haircut has a great mix of effortlessness and purposefulness.

#3: Short Asymmetrical Crop


This short asymmetrical hair is fun and easy to style! Remember to tuck some hair behind the ear and leave some forward.

#4: Curly Pixie


This pixie haircut is effortless! The waves give this style a messy feel.

#5: Balayage Hair


This balayage hair works better with some curls and waves.

#6: Short Ombre Locks


Make sure the silhouette goes with your face.

#7: No-Fuss Pixie


Sweet, short and sophisticated. If you don’t have time to fuss, you’ve met the right hairstyle.

#8: Silver Fox


This short silver big-wave style works for women with thick hair.

#9: Naturally Wavy Bob


With few waves, this warm, natural-looking color make this bob look modern and fresh.

#10: Stand-Out Shag


The gorgeous pink pigment makes this short and shaggy cut more attractive.

#11: Graduated Ashy Bob


This ashy sassy, textured chop is super cool!

#12: Straight and Sleek Strands


This grey short layered bob is easy to style. Plus, the smoky grey is an extra layer of cool!

#13: Tousled Bob with Layers


The light blonde brightens up the complexion.

#14: Orchid Colored Layers


Short layers go perfectly with bright colors like an orchid. A wave makes it sassier.

#15: Sassy Shape


This sassy haircut is a great look that boasts tremendous height and amazing shape.

#16: Bright Blonde Shortie


This look can increase the volume visually, making it more enticing by the blonde color.

#17: Thick, Layered Bob


Too much hair means it is hard to find cute short haircuts. This hairdo, however, can help remove some of the bulk.

#18: Platinum Pixie with Undercut


This haircut is gorgeous! A cute pixie cut with a punk edge. Plus, a red lip and a cat eye pair it perfectly.

#19: Golden Bob with Wavy Ends


This style is more playful than a simple golden bob for the wavy ends.

#20: Sunrise Bob with Curls


The key to this style is the uneven ends which make it a trendy haircut.

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