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8 Funny Wedding Dresses Of All Time

1. Book A Wedding Limo!

Well, this wedding dress may be the biggest I have ever seen. Is this an oversized pink airbag that inflated when the horse and carriage hit the curb too hard? If you want to wear one, you should consider renting an oversized limousine!


2. Choice Of Wedding Cake

To bake this wedding cake dress perfectly is not the easy thing, and it turns out to be not a masterpiece but wedding catastrophe. Unfortunately, the bride failed to dress it well.


3. Bright Like A Diamond

Every bride dream of wearing a special wedding dress which makes her look unique, but some brides can get a little carried away. Let's just say that a dress with fairy lights sown into it might be… just a little bit too special for our eyes.


4. Something Blue

It seems that this bride took the traditional rhyme a little too far when wearing a dress head to toe in blue. We're starting to wonder whether she borrowed the groom for her special day.


5. This Orange Nightmare

It's obvious that woman refuses to wear white to her wedding out of principal. The bright orange wedding gown sadly matches her groom's tuxedo, which is just a little too disastrous for us to handle. How do we peel this orange couple into not blinding us?


6. A Believer In Love And Glitter

Almost every girl likes a little bit of glitter in their life, but if you're old enough to get married and it comes in excessive amounts, it just not ok. Another thing we're wondering - where is the rest of the dress?


7. I Could Eat You

Is this lady wearing a dress made out of donut holes? Why didn't they use a wedding cake instead, and was she left naked at the end of the feast?


8. The Crazy Cat Lady

It seems that the lady is obsessed in stay one on one with a million cats for the rest of their lives. The bride didn't even try to hide her crazy obsession.

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