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9 NOT To Do Tips When You Have Gray Hair

1. Use Ammonia Hair Color

Rather than using the cheap color with harmful chemicals that can damage your hair, go with organic hair color that is ammonia free. You hair will be much healthier that way.

2. Get It A Trim

Keeping your hair well trimmed can help to give you a fresh look, so get a trim every 6 weeks to 8 weeks to keep your tresses looking lovely.

3. Don't Quit Hair Dye Cold Turkey

If you've started dying your hair, don't quit hair dye cold turkey. Ask you hairdresser for advice on how to get the best natural look.

4. Try Different Shampoo and Hair Products

Naturally gray hair needs to be treated in special ways. Try shampoos that are made for silver hair and use them only once a week. Using it too much could cause your hair to turn a lovely shade of blue.

5. Don't Pluck the Gray Hairs

Try to avoid pulling the gray hairs out, as they will grow back faster and will be shorter and more noticeable than the others. The best way is just leave them alone.

6. Don't Skimp on Eating Protein

Your eating habits not only affects your body, but also your hair. Vitamin B is particularly important in a diet that can help you hair stay healthy.

7. Keep Your Washing Routine

You may feel you hair become drier when you have gray hair, but that doesn't mean you should stop washing as often. It is a good habit to keep your washing routine to keep your hair healthy.

8. Don't Use Heavy Products

If you want to keep your hair feel fresh and cool, try some light products. You can buy sprays made specifically for silver hair that don't contain alcohol. Be sure not to use heavy products, which will only make your hair look even frizzier.

9. Don't Wear Beige

As gray hair can already make your complexion look dull, it is a good choice to try jewel tones, black, white, and shades of gray. Alternatively, try a peachy or blush look to keep your skin tone looking young and healthy.

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