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8 Sleeping Positions That Affect Your Health

It is known to all that sleeping is necessary to our health. Little may know that sleep in a good position also plays a significant role in our sleeping quality. Here we compile eight common positions matters during our sleep.

1. On Your Back, Arms at Sides

If you care a lot about your neck and spine, this is the best position and don't need too many pillows. However, such sleepers may not even know that they tend to snore and even be associated with apnea.


2. On Your Back, Arms Up

This one is also called the "starfish position", and is good for your back, whether you have your arms around the pillow or not. Love beautiful women tend to choose it because it can prevent facial wrinkles and skin breakout. However, it can result in snoring and acid reflux problems. Also, having your arms up can hurt your shoulders because it puts pressure on nerves.


3. Face Down

This one is good for your stomach and improve digestion. However, as you can't breathe through your pillow, you'll have to be tilting your face in one direction or the other. Because the curve of the spine is not supported, it will put a lot of stress on your neck and can also cause you back pain.


4. Fetal Position

Well, this is probably one of the worst sleeping positions. Being curled into a ball with your knees drawn up and your chin tilted down might be comfortable, but avoid this! It harms your back and neck and even restricts deep breathing. If you are a snoring person or pregnant, this position will help you.


5. On Side, Arms At Sides

The spine will be best supported in its natural curve if you sleep on your side with both arms down. It will help back and neck pain and the sleep apnea. But facial wrinkles and sagging breasts can appear because it contributes to skin aging due to gravity.


6. On Side, Arms Out

Well, the benefits mentioned before are clear. However, side sleepings can cause shoulder and arm pain as it restricted blood flow and pressure on the nerves. It could get worst by having your arms out in front of you.


7. On the Right Side

The right side can worsen heartburn while sleeping on the left side can put pressure on internal organs like the liver, lungs, and stomach. Usually, when a woman is pregnant, her doctor recommends sleeping on the left side, since this can improve circulation to the fetus.


8. Pillow-Supplemented

This one is proper. Supporting your body with a pillow, It's highly likely that you can improve your sleep with less pain. If your back hurts, put the pillow under the arch of your spine. You can also place it between your knees, or under your hips to support the joints.

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