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8 Simple Things Every Day To Make Your Life Healthier

We've tried various ways to keep ourselves healthy, no matter how difficult or unreasonable it may sound. However, the fact remains that there are 8 simple things we can do every day to keep our life much healthier.

1. Spend Time With Your Beloved Ones

No one is an isolated island and we all need to contact with someone one way or another. Harvard happiness expert Daniel Gilbert concluded that quality time with our beloved ones is the biggest sources of happiness in our lives. So do not let "distance" or "no time" be an excuse, just drive home or pick up a phone to enjoy your warm and happy time with the beloved ones.


2. Express Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the greatest stress relievers which can help us focus on the positive and make us happy for the rest of the day.


3. Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep definitely will make us feel tired and are most likely to get sick. But with enough sleep, our brain will have enough time to repair itself from damage occurred during the day. 6 - 8 hours sleep would be the most appropriate.


4. Move Your Body

"Move your body" does not necessarily mean that you must stay in the gym, walking or taking the stairs also counts. Find out 30 minutes to move your body and 5 days a week, your health and longevity will both be enhanced.


5. Find Time With Your Thoughts

We can not just let our days slip away without knowing what we have done. Crave time to find out what we have done today will give us a sense of achievement and happiness, and find meaning in life.


6. Drink Enough Water

Drinking enough water is the premise on which our body can function well. 64 ounces of water a day, which is about eight glasses, is the best.


7. Eat A Healthy Meal

A healthy meal not only means that should be rich in color but also that it should contain enough fresh fish and fiber. A healthy meal can give us the necessary nutrition and help enhance the immune system.


8. Laugh Out Loud

Laugh can help reduce stress, risk of heart attack, stroke, etc. So spend time with some humorous friends or watching funny videos.

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