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22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken

1. She Said Yes

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_1

This cheetah was recorded to be laughing. Its delighted face may remind you of the day that your beloved girl said yes to you. Is that the same expression on your face like the cheetah that day? Take her the picture and ask her!

2. Jealousy Makes You Crazy

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_2

This bird is pulling the other one from the branches so that it can get space there. Its mind might be like this: Do you know how I feel when I see you two leaning close to each other? Jealousy is filled with my mind, and I just lose my control to split you guys up. 

3. Braveheart

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_3

This little lizard leaves us an impression of owning braveheart courage. It seems that he is so determined to confront the battle of life and death. However strong and big his enemies are, he is prepared to be a brave warrior.

4. Nose Dive

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_4

This fox was recorded with half of his body soaking in the snow. What was he doing? Having a nosedive? No, it's cooler than that. He is finding his food in the snow. In winter, foxes are forced to dig their meals; they often listen to the sound of mice underneath the snow cover, then stand up, jump into the air and dive face-first into their food.

5. Terrifying or Hilarious

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_5

Driving down a dark road without lights might be a scary thing, especially if something suddenly appears out of nowhere in front of you. But it might not include this situation where an owl was just standing there staring at you. It looks even incredibly adorable, isn't it? This picture was taken by Katarina Benesova and her entry to the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

6. Dance King

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_6

This lemur may watch too much Saturday Night Fever, and his image is the spitting image of John Travolta. With a white suit, some flared pants, and some platforms, he's ready to jive. It's a pity that he may have some trouble finding dance partners due to poachers. The happy thing is that this little guy doesn't seem to mind dancing with himself.

7. Life Imitates Art

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_7

"Life imitates art far more than art imitates life," according to Oscar Wilde in his 1889 essay, The Decay of Lying. This reindeer is not your average reindeer, but seems a multi-talent at this time. In this picture, a wildlife photographer is taking photos of wildlife, while wildlife is taking pictures of wildlife. 

8. A Wave Is Ok

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_8

Tired, overworked mom gets into sleep, and her toddler snuggles up to her, waiting for mama bear to wake up. This well-behaved polar bear cub might be taught never to talk to strangers, but does a wave count? Either way, this photo is adorable, and the photographer doesn't want to interrupt mom's sleep.

9. Jungle Couture

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_9

Look! Photographer James Mitson captures nature's most exclusive fashion show. This elk is strutting down the "catwalk" with a rather fabulous, couture hat. The idea seems fantastic, but the problem is whether the elk can see the direction. Looking good is not always an easy thing.

10. Close Your Eyes

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_10

This photo looks funny because it seems like the scene when you watch the TV series with your parents. There’s appearing something that you, as a kid, shouldn't watch, and your parents cover your eyes. But the fact often is that you've already seen everything.

11. Starve To Death

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_11

This picture, by Wildlife photographer Henrik Spranz, managed to capture a hungry little squirrel. It holds the branch firmly, greedily eating the blueberries. Its itty bitty feet and tiny little teeth look adorable.

12. Food Coma

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_12

This cute squirrel is just like us, when we sit at home and do nothing but watch Netflix and eat an entire carton of Ben and Jerry's. Look at its chubby face. Does this remind you of the fact that you're becoming fatter without even noticing it?

13. The Squad

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_13

Birds need a squad as we humans do. The team will console you during horrible breakups, make you laugh when you feel upset. Let's be honest; these birds are judging the heck out of you right now. The middle one is straight-up rude, and the others‘ expression seems to give subtle you-don't-belong-here vibes.

14. A Little Bit Shy

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_14

This adorable little fuzzy creature hides his face in embarrassment. Don't hide your face in shame, just stand tall, and be confident. You look like you're a little bit pleased with yourself. We can see it in your eye.

15. One Of Those Days

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_15

This water buffalo is having one of those awful days, pooping by a little bird. We all confront such a day that is totally ruined by something. If that happened, just try to console yourself; it's ok, and I should go to sleep now, then wake up tomorrow and try again.

16. Mom, Stop!

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_16

It's like the scene when your mother spots some sort of dirt on your face and insists on wiping it off with a freshly-licked finger. Gross! The little zebra might be saying: "Mooom, stop!" The expression on his face has already told us everything.

17. Get Your Nose

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_17

This picture gives us a giggle just as what the little owl is doing. How or why this owl's beak has disappeared into his face is a mystery, and it's even more mysterious that his eyes are closed since most of the time owls are always watching you. People who are afraid of owls need to meet this little guy because he makes the whole species more approachable.

18. To Be Lazy

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_18

This owl looks like experiencing the most exhausting day of his life. He finally made it back to his home and didn't want to do anything but relax. The look in his eyes tells us that he is so blissed out that he is about to fall asleep.

19. Please Don't Ever Do That Again!

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_19

The seal looks so shocked, and its expression seems to tell us that he just has seen the work of wizardry and cannot believe what is happening before his eyes. Or perhaps he is in utter shock over something gross he is watching.

20. Gosh, This Kid Is A Handful

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_20

This monkey mom may regret having this little monkey as it turns out to be a handful. It's just kidding as most moms will feel incredibly blessed to have this bundle of joy in their life except for some time.

21. Beware The Headless Penguins

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_21

Two headless penguins were there! Does this remind you of the zombie scene? It's a wonder how and why these penguins have their heads bent behind their backs. It looks a little fun rather than horrifying. Don't you think so?

22. Gold-Digging Gorilla

22 Of The Funniest Wildlife Photos Ever Taken_22

This gorilla is doing what everyone might do secretly, plunging his finger into his left nostril. It looks impolite, but he may just find a private place to do that and happens to be recorded by the photographer. 

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