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23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil

Besides preserving food for midnight snacks, aluminum foil actually has a lot more uses than you can think of. Here we have listed some of the exciting and strange things we can do with this invention. 

1. Preserving Bananas

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_1

Most of the life of bananas comes from their upper stems. So if you rip the stems while separating a banana from the rest, the decomposition process accelerates. That's when you need aluminum foil to wrap the banana. In this way, the fruit can be kept fresh for much longer.

2. A Clean Oven

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_2

The oven can collect a lot of dirt over time when used a lot. Cleaning it can be so daunting that many people stop trying. But here is an easy solution. The next time you use the oven, wrap your tray in foil. After cooking, you can throw the foil away along with all the dirt.

3. Increase The Heat Of The Radiator

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_3

If you want to increase the heat of your radiator but don't want to pay additional bills, we've found you a solution. Cover a piece of cardboard with aluminum foil, then point the bright side towards the radiator. The heat will bounce and multiply around the entire room!

4. Make Your Own Funnel

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_4

Just roll some foil in the right way, and you can get an applicable funnel. Next time you want to store some juice in a bottle, you won't spill it everywhere.

5. A Clean Pan

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_5

When you cook foods like eggs, pizza, or steaks, they are very likely to stick to the pan. Here is a clever solution. Cover the pan with a thin layer of aluminum foil, and then you can cook anything you want without worrying about food stains.

6. Make Your Jewelry Shine

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_6

Newly-bought jewelry always looks fabulous, but it can accumulate dirt over time and lose its glamour. Here is how to make your jewelry shine again. Put all your earrings, bracelets, and rings in a glass container filled with aluminum foil, water, and washing detergent (or baking soda). The interaction of these ingredients will bring the brightness of your accessories back.

7. Iron Your Clothes Quickly

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_7

Aluminum foil is an excellent heat conductor, and we can use it for ironing. Next time you iron your shirt before a job interview, put a piece of aluminum foil underneath the shirt, the wrinkles will disappear more quickly than you imagine.

8. Soften Brown Sugar

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_8

Many people love brown sugar because of its health benefits and unique flavor, but sometimes it can get hardened and piled up. Instead of hitting, stabbing, or shaking the sugar, here is a simple way. Just separate the large pieces of sugar and bake them in foil for about five minutes, and the sugar will recover its ease.

9. Protect The Crust Of Your Cake

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_9

The next time you finish baking a delicious cake, try to cover it with a layer of aluminum foil. The foil can prevent the cake from losing its shape, and it can also keep the cake warm.

10. Improve The Internet Signal

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_10

A weak Internet signal is a common and disturbing problem. You may have tried restarting your router many times, but you still can't watch your favorite Netflix show. Well, aluminum foil can help you with the problem. Wrap some of this material in a thick layer, and place it as a card next to the router. It will serve as a small amplifying antenna, but you won't have to pay for it!

11. Tanning Bed For Your Plants

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_11

Remove the top of a cardboard box and cover the inner sides with aluminum foil, and you get a custom tanning bed for your plants. It can bounce the sunlight from everywhere and ensure your plant receives all the light it needs.

12. Preserve Leftovers

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_12

If you want to put bread or stews in the fridge to keep them fresh, don't forget to wrap them in some aluminum foil, it can trap all the particles inside, so the flavor of the foods will be kept much longer.

13. Sharpen Your Scissors

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_13

After constant use, your scissors may get blunt and or rusted up. To give them a new life, take a piece of aluminum foil and cut it gently about 7 or 10 times, your scissors will be clean and sharp once again!

14. Protect Your Garden

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_14

Animals can be an adorable addition to your garden, but they can also damage your plants. To protect your trees, you can cover the base of the logs with some foil. The material will keep animals away, and also keep the roots warm during the winter.

15. Increase The Life Of Your Steel Wool

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_15

Steel wool is an ideal tool for removing tough stains from the sink or dishes, but it can be very annoying when your wool becomes a rusty disaster after a few uses. So next time you find any signs of oxidation of the steel wool, wrap it in some foil and put it in your fridge. The wool will be as good as new.

16. Seal Plastic Bags

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_16

Plastic bags are very common in our daily lives. They are economical and accessible. However, problems may arise when we need to seal these bags. Here is a simple way to do it. Use some aluminum foil to iron the opening of the bags, and you can go on with your day!

17. Clean Your Cutlery

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_17

If you have knives or spoons that haven't been used for a long time, then it is highly possible that they have accumulated a lot of dirt. Cleaning them can be a tricky task. Fortunately, aluminum foil can help us. Put some aluminum foil in the bottom of a bowl and place your cutlery there, along with a little baking soda, salt, and boiling water. The stains will come off quickly.

18. Repel Insects

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_18

Slugs and insects can destroy your garden, damage your plants, and ruin your efforts. A common solution is to place a bed of mulch, and adding a few strips of foil will make the mixture even more effective. The material will keep annoying insects away and give your plants sufficient light.

19. Make Your Own Paint Palette

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_19

If you'd like to start an art project and you don't want to spend extra money on a paint palette, you can DIY one with aluminum foil. Just tear a piece of foil and put all the paint you need on it.

20. A Photo Light

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_20

What differs your photo with that of Instagram stars? One important thing is the handling of light. But you may not have the professional equipment at home. Fortunately, you can use aluminum foil instead. It cannot turn your living room into a fashion runway, but it will significantly enhance your images.

21. Light Up The Corners

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_21

There are always deep, dark corners at home, which are hard to clean and are the favorite places of cockroaches. Here is a simple solution. Cover your cabinets with a layer of aluminum foil. It can reflect light better and is also much easier to clean.

22. Clean Iron

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_22

After being used for a long time, your iron may accumulate a lot of dirt or rust. Instead of spending money on a new one. You can use aluminum foil to scrub it and bring it back to life.

23. Mend Floor Tiles

23 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil_23

Aluminum foil can also help you when one of your bathroom tiles peels off. Glue a piece of foil to your tile and iron them together. This will help your tile work for many months longer.

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