15 Extremely Giant Animals That You Wouldn't Believe Really Exist

There are animals you wouldn't dream to be so big, but in fact they are and they do really exist.

1. Gibson

Gibson is a Harlequin Great Dane which is 7 feet tall and 170 pounds heavy.


2. Field Marshall

Field Marshall is the largest bull in the world, with 6.5 ft in height and 3.500lbs in weight.


3. Hercules The Cat

The world's biggest cat Hercules is a hybrid liger of a male lion and female tiger that weighs 900 pounds.


4. Hercules The Dog

Even though only 3 years old and without any special diet, Hercules still makes the world's biggest dog and weighs 282 pounds.


5. Ludo

Ludo, a Maine Coon housecat, weighs around 24.5 pounds when he was only 17 months and is still growing.


6. Moose

This Percheron supreme world champion Moose is 19 feet tall. One thing to mention is that he is bred for war.


7. Bismarck Flying Fox

Don't be fooled by its name, Bismarck Flying Fox is actually a bat which weighs over 3 pounds and their wingspan can be 5-6 foot.


8. Radar

Radar is the world's largest horse with the largest appetite, which consumes 20 gallons of water and 18 pounds of grain.


9. Zeus The Great Dane

Zeus has an amazing height of 44 inches!


10. Coconut Crabs

Do you know how they get their names? Yes, that's because their claws are so strong that they can even crack coconuts! These giant crabs can be 3 feet long and 9 pounds heavy when they are fully grown up. So, don't mess up with them.


11. Giant Weta Cricket

Don't be surprised at the size of the crickets found on an island off the New Zealand coast.


12. Huntsman Spider

This Huntsman Spider is a bird-eating spider which can be found in Laos. It is so giant that the mere sight of it will totally freak me out.


13. Darius

The world's tallest bunny Darius is 52 inches tall and has a good appetite for carrots and apples.


14. Blossom

Though died from a leg injury at 13, Blossom once was the world's tallest cow.


15. African Giant Snail

This African giant snail is an invasive species which consumes almost any vegetation. They can be 8 inches long when fully grown up.