15 Exclusive School Memories For The 80s Kids

The school is the place which has most of our happy memories, but school memories may differ for people at different ages. Some school activities are only allowed for the 80s kids.

1. Drive School Buses

It may sound absurd, but it did exist in the 80s when 16 or 17 years old kids can be hired as school bus drivers in North and South Carolina. And it wasn't stopped until a 17-year-old accidentally ran over a 4-year-old with a school bus.


2. Bring Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the classic lunchbox staple for the 80s but now they have been banned from many schools.


3. Supervise Other Kids

It was considered a glory back then when big kids were given the responsibility of supervising younger kids during recess.


4. Climb Trees

Nowadays many schools have banned trees climbing for it can take the risk of lives sometimes.


5. Clap Erasers

Erasers are seen less and less because blackboards are being replaced by more and more smartboards and whiteboards, but we certainly do miss the clouds of chalk dust when we clap erasers.


6. Line Up Based On Gender

Nowadays boys and girls can mix up together in a line, but that was not the case back in the 80s when boys stand in a line and girls too.


7. Take Gender-Specific Classes

It may sound crazy if the class is taken by gender but it was true that Home Economics was only for girls and Shop Class for boys in the 80s.


8. Call Teachers "Mrs" or "Miss"

Students in the 80s used to call an unmarried female teacher "Miss" and a married female teacher "Mrs", but now whether married or not, they are all called "Ms."


9. Shoot Real Guns

Shooting real guns at school can only happen in our dreams nowadays, but it was a reality back then that kids were encouraged to shoot real guns at some schools.


10. Stand in the Corner

Standing in the corner may be regarded as a corporal punishment now but back then "Go stand in the corner" is the sentence kids heard most when they did something wrong.


11. Get Signed Out of School by Your Friend's Mom

Remember those days when you got signed out of school by your friend's mom for you and her kids need to stick together for a while. It is not as easy as that nowadays.


12. Leave School for Lunch

Students are encouraged to eat at school nowadays, but in the 80s, most kids will choose to go back home for lunch.


13. Pick Teams in Gym

Sometimes gym class can be a nightmare for those non-athletic kids for they may not be so popular when it comes to picking team members for kickball.


14. Bring Cupcakes for Birthdays

Though this practice has been banned entirely by some schools for health reasons, but it really lights us up when recalling the days of homemade cupcakes for birthdays.


15. Walk To School

Fewer and fewer students choose to go from home to school alone for it can be quite unsafe and parents will neither allow it for they can be charged with "unsubstantiated neglect" sometimes.