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13 Low Performance Cars You Shouldn't Buy

1. Fiat 500L
Suggested Retail Price: $22,000 

Consumers have regularly complained that this car is uncomfortable to drive, has flat seats and an odd driving position. In J.D. Power's Vehicle Dependability Study, more than 200 problems or complaints were reported per 100 Fiat vehicles, which is the highest number of all the car makes reviewed.


2. Lincoln MKS
Suggested Retail Price: $40,000

Its quality is flawless and can compete with peers like the Audi A6, BMW 5 series or a fully specked Lexus Es-350. But its ordinary appearance at this price point is unforgivable and has proven to be one of the main reasons that American’s haven’t taken to it. The MKS is based on the Ford Taurus but lacks the luxury features needed to justify its price tag.


3. Mitsubishi Mirage
Suggested Retail Price: $14,000

There is no compelling reason to buy this car when there are clearly better cars available for the same money. Even though this model received an upgrade, in 2017, it is still armed with a weak, vibrating three-cylinder engine that delivers woolly acceleration and awkward handling.


4. Cadillac Escalade
Suggested Retail Price: $74,500

This car is not cheap at all and despite carrying a luxury price tag; it lacks that luxury feel. It’s a big car, but not spacious inside and has lousy handling. The reliability of this vehicle is also ranked worst in its class, so keep your money and find more cost efficient cars.


5. Mercedes-Benz CLA250
Suggested Retail Price: $48,800

Giving a high price, you expect the car to be exceptional, but it may let you down as it scores surprisingly low for reliability and owner satisfaction. The whole driving experience is unpleasant as is the abrupt and uncomfortable acceleration


6. Mitsubishi i-MiEV
Suggested Retail Price: $24,000

This is an all-electric small car which takes 6-7 hours to charge. You can’t be in a rush to get anywhere if you’re running low on charge, which will surely be irritating. Added to this it has a range of around 56 miles so you can’t have a very long trip. Not a good combination!


7. Toyota Tacoma - Pick-Up
Suggested Retail Price: $26,397

Despite being redesigned in 2017, the Toyota is still a truck. The drive experience and handling are still ropey, and it is noisy to ride-in. The new 2017 version is also not looking like it’s as reliable as previous models.


8. Maserati Ghibli
Suggested Retail Price: $78,000

The Ghibli looks good and is fun to drive. It has many advantages like its sporty and flexible handling, sharp brakes, wonderful sounding engine, and surprisingly good fuel economy. But the Ferrari-developed V6 turbo is terrible. The ride is uncomfortable, and the rear seats are small. Getting in and out is a challenge. There are far better cars at that price.


9. Toyota Yaris
Suggested Retail Price: $17,280

The Toyota Yaris only has a 4-speed automatic transmission that struggles in most circumstances. In addition, it hasn’t got great style, safety, or performance. You’d better give it a miss when choosing a new car to purchase.


10. Chrysler 200
Suggested Retail Price: $24,000

This car’s problem lies in an unreliable transmission, clumsy handling and its four-cylinder engine is also said to be clunky.


11. Dodge Journey
Suggested Retail Price: $23,622

The Dodge Journey looks good, but unfortunately has the worst fuel economy in its class and is said to lack agility. All said and done, it’s not an ideal choice for the family car.


12. Land Rover Discovery Sport
Suggested Retail Price: $38,800

As its name suggests, this car can drive well off-road but it’s not a major consideration based on what you might expect from a luxury brand. Its Turbo four-cylinder engine is said to be ‘spikey,’ and the transmission is not responsive enough. Besides, its interior is less luxurious than you would expect for a model from this class.


13. Ford Fiesta
Suggested Retail Price: $16,480

It is one of Ford’s oldest models of car and has a good safety record, but it is not comfortable at all. To keep the price low, Ford has to abandon all modern conveniences, so leave it alone. You deserve a better car.

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