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Too Young To Retire - 15 Great Part-time Jobs For Retirees

For retirees who have the similar troubles, here are some part-time jobs to help you make some extra cash or simply kill time.


1. Teacher's Aide

Retirees can work as a classroom assistant or focus on kids with special needs. It's great for seniors to spend some time together with kids because the contagious energy and pleasant of kids mood will definitely produce a positive impact. Often, working as a teacher's aide will only take up several days per week, so you will still have some leisure time for golf.


2. Tour Guide

After about thirty or forty years living in one city and traveling around, seniors are often qualified to be a tour guide locally or regionally. Besides, to be an excellent tour guide often requires good patience and sufficient knowledge which can be senior people's strengths.


3. Taxi Driver

It's easy for people who have lived a long time in an area to point out which way is the nearest and which way will be the most crowded during the rush hours. In addition to that, elder people often are more skilled and experienced in driving. The last but not the least, with apps like Uber and Lyft, you get to drive your own car. Therefore, it's an ideal job for retirees.


4. Blogger

It's a booming age for online bloggers. Young people share their photos, clothes, and food in their own space which will become famous and profitable if many people online like their content. For senior people, knowledge and experience about job hunting, interpersonal relationship, and technical skills about their former jobs can be shared online. If people like your sharing, then you will get paid by advertisers or web owners.


5. Retail

Many stores are in need of extra help during holiday seasons, so it's a good choice for retirees to fill in the blanks. If you don't like working for other people, you can always open a small shop selling flowers, cards, books or anything else you like.


6. Sell Stock Photos or Be a Senior Model

People over 35 are qualified to be a senior model. Lots of websites will pay you money for the use of your photos. For example, Shutterstock will pay you 25 cents every time someone downloads your image. iStock Photo will give you a 15% commission for each image download. So get your camera and wear something pretty!


7. Gardening

If you love trees, flowers, and vegetables grown by yourself, then you can continue your hobby and transform it into a profitable job. You can grow some herbs and make them into lavender pillows. Or if you are really good at flowers, you can grow some expensive ones for selling. If you have a big garden, you can rent it out as a marketing place once a week or a month.


8. Athletics Coach

In junior or high school, this kind of job opportunities includes volunteer coaching, coordinators, and score keepers. In youth athletic organizations, there are positions like officiating and facility maintenance. Therefore, it's a good choice for retirees who love sports.


9. Consultant or Freelance

On some online bidding sites, like, you can find this kind of job requiring consultants or freelancers. Instead of a long-term employer, many small-sized companies find part-time consultants more suitable considering the limited budget.


10. Craftepreneur

In this mass-production era, many people start to find the value of hand-made items including soap, sweater, wood furniture and many other pieces of stuff.


11. Customer Service

Customer service needs good personal skills and patience which are the two qualities the seniors are good at.


12. Event Staff

Sporting, concerts, or art exhibitions, everyone loves a grand event. Many venues hold these events for customers, and when it comes to rush hours for events, they would need extra help. Retirees can be qualified for this kind of job.


13. Personal Assistant

This is a job for people who don't like staying in an office. Many people find it hard to handle work, home, and kids at the same time, so they hire a personal assistant to release some burden. Personal assistant requires people to run some errands like shop for gifts, pick up dry cleaning or sort out files. It's a suitable job for experienced retirees.


14. Research for Businesses or Universities

Many universities are in need of extra help from people who have time and experience in specific areas. The job requires people to do some data collection and paper reading to help the scholars complete the project.


15. Find Some Government Jobs

You can start with visit where you may find some suitable jobs in state, city and country governments. What's more, this kind of jobs are often seasonal, so you will still have some leisure time.

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