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12 of The World's Cheapest Holiday Destinations

1. Ireland

Prices of flights to Ireland have fallen over these years, thus you don't have to spend much money on air tickets. Central hotel in Dublin only costs you £6 for a bed. There are a lot of free places you can choose, including the Chester Beatty Library and Phoenix Park. Then, you can do some shopping at the Blackrock Market.


2. Dominican Republic

If you are a thrifty person, £30 can cover your whole day's travel, food and accommodation in Dominican Republic. Local dishes cost less than £1, and you can take local bus into town for less than 50p. Go to the Bavaro Hostel, and you will get a bed for just £13.


3. Greece

As we know, Greece encountered economic difficulties. Spending your holiday in Greece costs you less than it used to be. If you choose to stay on some of the Greece islands, the prices could be acceptable, which is between £1.5 and £4.


4. Argentina

Would like to enjoy South America style life? Then Argentina, the eighth largest country in the world, is the best choice. There are lots of things you can see and experience in Argentina. If you keep away from the hotspots, £25 a day is enough.


5. Sri Lanka

Holiday in Sri Lanka means tasting fish curry, staying on the beach and trekking in the jungle. You can spend your day like royalty for less than £25.


6. Bulgaria

If you plan to go to Bulgaria, capital Sofia is a good choice. With warm company, tasty drink, hearty food and a comfortable bed, you can relax yourself for only £20 a day.


7. Honduras

Honduras is not one of the most-visited countries, meaning that it is not people's first choice. However, travelling to Honduras is absolutely cost-effective. Spending less than £20 a day, you can experience white sand beaches, diving, and cheap food and drink.


8. Hungary

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a must-see place to visit. And what's more, this trip won't cost you much. £10 for a room, £1 for train tickets and £2 for meals. In addition, you can go to bathhouses for £10.


9. Bolivia

Once being the colony of Spain, buildings and streets here have been reserved well. Yon can find a lot of museums and colonial buildings. All of this only cost 40p. Food and drink are less than £1.


10. India

If you want to save money in India, you should stay away from those international hotels in Delhi. The cost of living in India is unexpectedly low. £15 a day is enough for you to live like a raj.


11. Vietnam

Even though Vietnam is an undeveloped country, it is a beautiful one with many amazing sceneries. And the cost here is super cheap. £5 a day includes local food, a guest room, drinking and transport.


12. Cambodia

In Cambodia, you only need to pay £1 for a bed and less than that for food. This will make most of the visitors feel guilty. But, don't hesitate to visit Cambodia for those UNESCO world heritages only costing you £13 for a day.

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