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12 Jobs That Will Be Gone In 10 Years

Technology and cultural shifts have made some jobs disappear, such as pog designer, lamplighter, and elevator operator. In the next decade, other jobs will face the same fate as well. What are they? Click through to see whether your vocation is on the line.


1. Retail Cashier

With the influx of self-service checkouts and automated processes during purchase, the days of the cashier are numbered. Amazon is taking this a step further by experimenting with stores that don't have checkout lines at all.


2. Telemarketer

There was a time when you didn't want to answer your phone because it might be a telemarketer. With the rise of email and text message marketing, as well as the more affordable robot callers, old fashioned telemarketing will eventually fade away.


3. Travel Agent

With the increase of Internet accessibility and usage, people nowadays are able to book trips for cheap using sites or phone apps in comparison to seeking travel agents. So this old-school job is slowly becoming a vocation of the past.


4. Taxi Driver

Due to the rapid development of ride-sharing apps with GPS technology, more and more opt for driving themselves. Much of today's resources are dedicated to handing over the wheel to automation; self-driving cars are only a few years away.


5. Publisher and Printer

We are seeing declining newspaper readership and the rise of e-books. Technology has brought publisher and printer to the digital realm, and it's no surprise that print media are slowly fading out to give rise to new digital media.


6. Postal Worker

In recent years, the need for postal workers has been dwindling away because of rising private companies taking on the burden. The main cause for the decline of this government-run job is the rise of technology and email communication.


7. Farmer

Not all farmers will disappear within 10 years, but their numbers will diminish. Due to technological advances and indoor farms and even lab-grown meats, fewer farmers are needed to cultivate grains each year.


8. Librarian

At the moment, online librarian services are common for most universities and schools. It's inevitable that these costly librarians will be replaced with online search engines.


9. Newspaper Delivery

With the uprise of smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, the entire newspaper industry is in waning. Many newspapers that were once giants are now either going out of business or switching to online news. Newspaper delivery couriers will no longer be needed.


10. Taxi Dispatcher

With the rise of apps like Uber and Lyft, along with car sharing and even bike sharing services, few actual flesh-and-blood humans will be needed to dispatch cars where they need to go. So this job will surely fade out.


11. Umpire and Referee

Referees have always been criticised for making "bad" decisions, so FIFA, for example, has introduced goal-line technology to help their referees. As the years go by, more complex systems will be used to make calls on games to avoid controversies.


12. Social Media Manager

The upcoming generation of digital natives will have social media embedded in their perceptions and experiences of the world. The particular skill will be engrained in people's consciousness so much that experts in this field will no longer be necessary.

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