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6 Countries That Give FREE Housing To New Residents

Buying a home is a life goal for many of us. With tougher economies and higher population counts, buying a home can become very difficult. Fortunately, you can score a FREE house in these 6 countries.


1. Italy

The Sicilian town of Gangi in Italy has a declining population of about 7,000 and an excess of homes which haven't seen a human face in decades. If you promise to stay and renovate, this town will give your their home for free.


2. South Africa

South Africa leads the way in giving away homes to its poorer citizens. One of the most developed countries in Africa gives homes or proper housing to citizens who are underprivileged.


3. Pitcairn

If you ever dreamt of a coconut rum filled island life, the Pitcairn is your ideal paradise. Due to its diminishing population, with no more than 57 residents left, this British island is giving away land now, all you have to do is to ask.


4. Colombia

Much like South Africa, the beautiful Colombia gives housing to the lower echelon of its population. Though relatively poor, this country has gained traction as a tourist destination and a growing economic force.


5. Canada

In April 2009, the city Medicine Hat in Alberta instituted a Housing First solution, which provides subsidized and permanent housing for the homeless. 885 out of the 1,000 homeless individuals that inhabit the city have been placed in a home.


6. America - Marne, Iowa

Eight states in America give land to residents for free. Let's talk about Iowa first. With merely 149 residents, Marne is giving away massive plots for free, but you ought to have at least 1200 sq. ft of housing, and it would be built at your own expense.


7. America - Marquette, Kansas

This community offers free lots to friends who are looking for a relaxed lifestyle. Though the time given to build houses is limited, many have taken their free land offer and made the quaint town their home.


8. America - Muskegon, Michigan

This city is actually looking for job creation rather than higher population. The program "Muskegon 25" allows people to claim industrial land for free, and the industrialists can get 5 acres for 25 jobs. They can also enjoy reduced water costs and income taxes.


9. America - New Richland, Minnesota

With a population of merely 1,200 on vast empty land, this promising city with lake view sunsets is looking to grow its community. Though they require you to build your house within a year, the land is for free.


10. America - Beatrice, Nebraska

This town is offering its idle land for free but on one simple condition: you need to occupy the land for at least 5 years. They hope to populate the barren land, and also wish to generate taxes and utility fees to keep the town active.


11. America - Camden, Maine

Camden, like Muskegon, gives out free land to any business that promises to give out at least 24 jobs. For the first few years, the city doesn't levy corporate income or sales tax and they even offer to pay insurance premiums.


12. America - Lincoln, Kansas

This quiet town has been dreaming of having an improved sub-division for years. They give away peaceful lots by the town baseball field. All you need to do is build your house.

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