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When A Golden Retriever Gave Birth To 9 Puppies, Something Went Wrong

If one of your dog's newborn puppies is a bit different from the others, what would you do? Would you be excited or concerned? This situation happened to a woman from Scotland when her golden retriever welcomed her cute little puppies into the world. She was there and witnessed the whole story.


1. The Golden Retriever, Rio

As a keen animal lover, Louise Sutherland's house is full of both cats and dogs. So, she is no stranger to seeing all kinds of strange and funny animal behavior. Although Louise has many dogs under her roof, her three-year-old golden retriever, Rio, has reserved a special place in her heart. A year or so ago, Rio had her first litter of puppies smoothly, so, when Rio was pregnant for the second time, Louise presumed Rio's second litter would be as easy as the first one. Unexpectedly, that wasn't the case.


2. Something Went Wrong

The important day finally came. At the time, the birth was under the watchful eyes of both Louise and her daughter Claire, and they were in front row seats to watch the magical moment. However, the labor was not going according to the plan. Rio looked uncomfortable because one of the puppies was stuck. Louise and Claire knew they weren't able to stand by and do nothing.


3. A Different One

Louise and Claire decided to put on their gloves and get to action. They helped take the first puppy out to offer a little break to Rio. Once the first puppy was born alive and well, the remaining eight puppies followed without any further intervention from the family. Watching her beloved dog welcoming her adorable puppies into the world was a beautiful moment. After it was all over, Rio had immediately taken her puppies to her side. Suddenly, Louise noticed that one of the pups was an obviously different color to the rest.


4. Mint Green In Color

Usually, golden retriever puppies have golden colored fur, but this special puppy was mint green in color, instead of looking golden like his brothers and sisters. Louise and Claire were immediately struck by how vividly different it was. They couldn't help but wonder if this meant that there was some sort of risk, if it was sick, or if urgent medical care was required. So, was this green puppy a normal one?


5. Not A Dangerous Condition

Louise and Claire looked at the phenomenon on the internet, and luckily, they were assured that the green puppy was in no instant risk. But it’s true, the number of animals that come into the world with a green tinge to their fur is incredibly low. Actually, this phenomenon has a scientific reasoning, rather than being the result of some sort of flaw or due to a health condition.


6. Biliverdin

Biliverdin is a green bile pigment discovered in the womb of a dog. It has a function to play throughout the pregnancy cycle in giving essential nutrients to the puppies, assisting them in development and nourishment within the womb. Human beings have this pigment in our bodies as well. That's why our bruises look both yellow and green in color. What's more, bile pigment can also be seen in other species. Back to our little green puppy, how on earth did the Biliverdin influence his fur's color?


7. Temporary Change

Normally, the pigment is tucked away and not noticeable to the eye. However, in Rio's case, the Biliverdin may have become mixed up in the womb's amniotic fluid. And the Biliverdin's existence around our lucky green puppy stained his fur. Fortunately, it had no other life-threatening effect on the puppy. Instead, it was just a temporary change of color. As the weeks went by, the green tinge will become less evident because the puppy will be washed and licked by her mom. Eventually, the green coloring will completely disappear!


8. A Name Inspired From The Green

Although the puppy would not remain green forever and all the pups were loved equally, there was something extraordinary about the green pup. That's why they knew they had to give him a name that suited his special look. They eventually settled on Forest as the puppy's name, and their choice was greeted with positivity. But, where would Forest end up in the future? Would Louise keep him with the family or sell him?


9. Keeping Forest

The hardest part was yet to come, a difficult decision that many puppy owners have to confront. Louise knew they weren't able to maintain all the new puppies, so they had to decide what to do with them. Since they had sold Rio's first litter, they had to sell the second litter as well. But, when it came to Forest, Louise and Claire thought his extraordinary green fur was a sign that he was supposed to remain with the family. So, they decided to hold on to him.


11. Not The Only Example

Undoubtedly, the amazing coloring of Forest was a rare event, and this isn't something that occurs every day, but there have been other examples that the astonished owners welcomed green puppies into their homes. Generally, these stories are easily gaining attention from the public around the world since this is such an unusual tale for us to see. Five years before Rio pushed Forest into the world, another dog welcomed a very comparable green puppy. How did it happen?

When A Golden Retriever Gave Birth To 9 Puppies, Something Went Wrong_14

12. Buttons The Dog

This lovely golden Labrador is called Buttons, and her owner is a couple named Naomi Grimes and Kyle Murray. Since it was the first time for Buttons to get pregnant, Naomi and Kyle felt more anxious than Louise and her family did. When a green puppy was added to the mix, things got even more complex...

When A Golden Retriever Gave Birth To 9 Puppies, Something Went Wrong_15

13. The Second Puppy Is Green

However, the couple was determined to help their dog, because if anything happened, they wanted to be there for her. When the first puppy came out, they were over the moon. But, when the second raised its head, the pair realized that there was a green tinge on it.

When A Golden Retriever Gave Birth To 9 Puppies, Something Went Wrong_16

14. Amniotic Sac Liquid

In the beginning, the couple thought the green tinge was due to some kind of birth liquid like the amniotic sac in humans. So, they thoroughly washed the green puppy and wished the green tinge would go away. To their disappointment, it didn't go anywhere. It left the specific puppy to be the only green puppy in the litter.

When A Golden Retriever Gave Birth To 9 Puppies, Something Went Wrong_17

15. Bile Pigment Phenomenon

This situation worried Naomi and Kyle, and they wondered whether its circulatory system was working well, whether it was normally breathing, and whether it was as healthy as other pups. Also, before calling the vets, they searched online for an explanation and finally realized that it was the bile pigment phenomenon. The couple felt reassured, and they decided to name him.

When A Golden Retriever Gave Birth To 9 Puppies, Something Went Wrong_18

16. The Hulk

After they discovered that everything was fine, Naomi and Kyle decided to name this little green hero. Though they would eventually sell them all, they couldn't say goodbye to the green puppy without offering him a name. Ultimately, they gave their little green Labrador the name, "Hulk", after their favorite green superhero. It was sad to send Hulk away, but Naomi and Kyle knew him would have a great home in the future.

When A Golden Retriever Gave Birth To 9 Puppies, Something Went Wrong_19

17. A Choco Lab

However, this phenomenon does not just happen in the golden retriever pups. In 2017, a dog owner named Elaine Cooper was surprised when her two-year-old chocolate Labrador, Milly, gave birth to a green puppy. After ensuring that her puppy wasn't in danger, she then settled on a name, Fifi, that suited the green coloring, referring to Shrek's Princess Fiona.


18. A Rare Blessing

There's no way to predict whether your dog's puppy is going to have a green tinge until it takes its first breath, so every new birth is truly fascinating. Hopefully, the exposure around these rare cases can make dog owners understand that their green puppies are as healthy as the rest of the litter, especially when green is your lucky color. Now you know!

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