What The Cast Of American Pie Is Up To Now

Let's flashback to our favorite comedy film "American Pie" in 1999 where Stifler's chasing ladies, Jim's dad is handing out cringe-worthy advice and Michelle is still going strong in band camp. Now 17 years have passed and it's time to check out what the cast look like now.

1. Thomas Ian Nicholas - Then

Nicholas played the role of Kevin whose intimate but absolutely hilarious scene with Vicky is one of the best moments in the whole movie.


2. Thomas Ian Nicholas - Now

The failure of not being able to land another leading role since "American Pie" forced Nicholas to pursue another passion - singing. You can find his music on Blues Traveler's album 'Blow Up The Moon'.


3. Jennifer Coolidge - Then

Jennifer Coolidge played Stifler's mum who sparked a thousand jokes in the movie.


4. Jennifer Coolidge - Now

Always a MILF, but you can now find her as Sophie in the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls.


5. Tara Reid - Then

Tara Reid played the character of Vicky, the girl Kevin is obsessed over.


6. Tara Reid - Now

Her low bodyweight got the general public worried about her health and mental wellbeing.


7. Jason Biggs - Then

As we can see from the photo, Jim, the main character in American Pie, is in the middle of one iconic scene that is worth watching again and again.


8. Jason Biggs - Now

Though Jason hasn't gone on to play prominent roles like Jim in "American Pie", he still landed the role of Larry Bloom in the hit TV series "Orange Is The New Black".


9. Alyson Hannigan - Then

Alyson, whose famous line was "Remember, that one time at band camp...", played Michelle in all of the "American Pie" films as Jim's girlfriend and future wife.


10. Alyson Hannigan - Now

The most notable role Alyson portrayed after "American Pie" is Lily Aldrin, one of the leading roles in "How I Met Your Mother". Now she is a happy mother of two.


11. Eddie Kaye Thomas - Then

Thomas played the quirky Paul in the series, whose on-going romance with Stifler's mum sparked the use of this famous word: MILF.


12. Eddie Kaye Thomas - Now

Thomas starred in a few films including "Harold & Kumar" after "American Pie". Now he is acting in a CBS show named "Scorpion".


13. Sean William Scott - Then

Scott played the infamous Stifler who was the best character in the series by far.


14. Sean William Scott - Now

While Sean hasn't had an insanely popular career like his co-star Michelle, he has still starred in a few movies like "Final Destination", "Road Trip", "The Rundown", etc.


15. John Cho - Then

Cho's character was the one that invented the word MILF to describe Thomas' affair with Stifler's mum.


16. John Cho - Now

Though Cho only played a small role in American Pie, he succeeded in landing the role of Hikaru Sulu in the "Star Trek" reboot film series.


17. Eugene Levy - Then

Levy played the iconic character whose hilarious advice practically made the film. He is also the only actor to have appeared in all eight films.


18. Eugene Levy - Now

Now aged 69, Eugene is still working in the industry. In 2008, Levy received the Governor General's Performing Arts Award, Canada's highest honour in performing.


19. Chris Klein - Then

Chris Klein played the jock in the movie that did nothing but sing.


20. Chris Klein - Now

Klein had a short-lived acting career, but he did make headlines for several years as Katie Holmes' fiance. Sadly, it didn't work out in the end.