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This America's Most Expensive Home Boasting $250 Million Is Mind-Bogglingly Luxurious

We're all prone to fantasizing about living a life of luxury with expensive homes, fancy cars, and luxurious vacations. Well there's a home that'll surpass even your wildest conceptions of luxury. That's 924 Bel Air Rd., one of the most expensive home in America boasting a cool $250 million.

The mind-bogging 38,000 square feet mansion was curated with the highest level of luxury in mind, including a $30 million fleet of cars, a helicopter and two years employment for a full 7-person wait staff. It's more like an ultra-luxe hotel.


Ultra-Luxurious Getaway

The ultra-modern home is the work of Bruce Makowsky, a real-estate developer who is described as a "60-year-old walking luxury ad." He calls the home a "land yacht" that's full of amenities to make every single day feel like an ultra-luxurious getaway.

The home boasts 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, six bars, three kitchens, two wine cellars, an 85-foot infinity swimming pool, a fitness center, a most advanced home theater, and a massage room and spa. The numbers alone would inspire awe and bewilderment.


Arrive by Helicopter

The residents and guests usually arrive by helicopter, and then enter the home from the driveway through a descending steel staircase which hovers over an indoor pool.


Infinity Pool

The 85-foot infinity pool looks out over a jaw-dropping view of Los Angeles and beyond. Equipped with enough lounge chairs, the pool area can accommodate a crowd during poolside parties. The pool's most iconic feature is undoubtedly the 18-foot wide, 12-foot tall, 4K TV screen that pops in and out of the view via a spiral hydraulic system.


Commanding View

This house has several outdoor living areas that could be used for business meetings or social gatherings, all while enjoying "the single most spectacular view in California," including the Malibu shoreline and the San Gabriel Mountains.


Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

All the home's 12 bedrooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows through which you can enjoy unparalleled views. Getting a good night's sleep and a sweet dream in a room like this wouldn't be too hard.



The mansion includes two master suites and 10 large VIP guest suites. Relaxing in these comfy lounges amongst portraits of the world's most famous stars would definitely make you feel like a VIP.


The Bar

Adjacent to the VIP area and sectioned off by a velvet rope, here is one of the six bars in this home. The 30-foot TV screen is said the largest TV in any residential home of America.


Auto Gallery

The home has a full fleet of the rarest, fastest and most expensive cars and motorcycles in the world, and most of them are one-of-a-kind originals, including the famous "Von Krieger" 1936 Mercedes 540 K Special Roadster, which is worth more than $15 million.


Dining Room

In a house like this, one decked-out dining table in the dining room is simply not enough. So here is a giant $1 million art installation of a Leica camera, and even place settings that worth $3,500 are designed. The polished steel staircase cost a cool $2 million.


Full Gym

Almost all luxury mansions have a private gym, and this one is no exception. The home comes with a full gym, equipped with free weights and cardio equipment.


Personal Masseuse

Among the seven staffers included in the purchase price, there is a professional masseuse who offers you around-the-clock messages whenever you feel like it. How cool!


Bowling Alley

The first-floor entertainment area has a four-lane bowling alley with lounges, shoes in every size and a wall of gold-and-silver-plated bowling pins.


Candy Wall

Adjacent to the bowling alley is a giant stainless steel and glass "candy wall" with giant tubes of assorted candy. There are also four glass foosball tables, a custom-built glass ping pong table, and a $12,000 glass pool table. It would arguably be a 7-year-old's paradise.


The Booze

The home boasts TWO wine cellars that are stocked with hundreds of bottles of elite vintages, including a couple of well-stocked champagne collections.


Magic Mirror

The gallery installation of Snow White's seven dwarves decked out in vibrant colors features a set of high-resolution flat video panels. It's licensed by the Walt Disney Company. Obviously, anything is possible in a house this extravagant.


The Office

The office in this mansion is only steps away from the helicopter pad, which is visible through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Oh, Work Hard and Dream Big.


The Theater

The home has a 4K Dolby Atmos James Bond-themed movie theater that can accommodate 40 people. It comes preloaded with 7,000 movies for viewing pleasure. Just let Netflixing on a laptop while lying in bed stay in the past.



Apart from what we've mentioned, the luxury mansion boasts many other features, such as over 100 one-of-a-kind art installations, a private golf course, and a Hobie Cat catamaran on the second-story patio.



Finally, take a peek inside the most expensive home in the following video.

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