The Top Ten Sexiest Male Jobs According To Women

When it comes to attracting the ladies, some careers have an edge over others. If you are a young man who is looking for the right career that will attract the right woman, then this countdown could possibly help you land your dream job as well as your dreaming girl.


10. Police Officer

Annual Salary: $56,000
There is something very appealing about a man who is protective and responsible.


9. Accountant

Annual Salary: $63,000
When it comes to managing money and solving financial problems, there is no one better than an accountant.


8. Physical Therapist

Annual Salary: $79,000
As well as being skilled with their hands the annual salary is over $70,000 a year. Definitely an attractive job.


7. Engineer

Annual Salary: $79,000
As shown in the popular meme "Trust me, I'm an Engineer." Engineers are considered to be problem solvers. Most women love a man with stable finances who also has a brain to match, so engineers are a perfect choice.


6. Environmental Scientist

Annual Salary: $63,000
Environmental Scientist proves that an intelligent man who makes his living solving our environmental issues is attractive.


5. Teacher

Annual Salary: $55,000
I am sure that most women have had a crush on one of their teachers. There is just something sexy about a man with a passion for education.


4. Marketing

Annual Salary: $67,000
Marketers are ambitious, creative and confident. All these qualities are very sexy. Besides, they are also risk takers.


3. Doctor

Annual Salary: $187,000
This is no surprise at all. Most women desire to marry a doctor, which is considered to be one of the most respective jobs in the world.


2. Lawyer

Annual Salary: $113,000
There is something appealing about dating someone who has a great knowledge of law, even bird law. Besides, women think lawyers are sexy due to their well-tailored suit.


1. Architect

Annual Salary: $73,000
If there is one thing a woman wants in a man, it's stability and commitment (that's 2 things). Plus there's something romantic about designing something that will last forever.

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