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70 Best Short Hairstyles and Short Haircuts Ideas

Short hair doesn’t have to be boring. Many women have ever thought of trying short hairstyles but finally, give up the thought as they are uncertain about the result and afraid to look ridiculous. Some of them might think once we cut our hair short, we will lose our femininity. And most of them think a short haircut is hard to style every morning. In fact, opt for a right short hairstyle will increase your feminine traits and be more gorgeous.

Take a look at these chic and popular best short hairstyles that will make you surprised at how amazed you will look with short hair.

#1: Choppy and Blonde


This style looks chic for a variety of faces and works great on all hair types. Ask your stylist for unkempt layers and flattering highlights. Keep it long enough to make for endless styling options.

#2: Sideswept


This short hairstyle is a perfect choice for thick hair that needs a fresh look. It delivers a lopsided appeal due to one side being longer than the other. At the same time, the beautiful platinum blonde also makes the pixie cut stand out.

#3: Pixie Haircut with Bangs


This short hairstyle looks chic. Ask your stylist to give a stacked bob in the back, and leave it long in front and on top. The former layers frame the face and highlight the eyes, and the accumulated style adds volume in the back.

#4: Wavy Messy Angled Shaggy Bob


This inverted bob features longer in the front and shorter in the back. If you already have some natural texture, more choppy sections contribute more fully to this style. Leave a few waves near the face to increase your femininity.

#5: Super Short


This short hairstyle gives an instant shot of confidence. Tousled and cropped bob looks fashionable and pleasantly complements face contours. The beautiful platinum highlights enhance the texture and add a dimensional effect.

#6: Messy and Gorgeous


This style looks sexy and chic. Dark roots fading down to blonde saves you lots of trouble to hide visible roots when they grow up because they've already become part of your hairstyle. If you are looking for a short hairstyle , this must be the right one.

#7: Going Grey


Going “granny” hair is a hit style to try for chic girls. The asymmetrical haircut and long strands nicely trim the face and give the hair some texture. Varied length hairs on both sides ensure a stylish finish.

#8: Chopped Bob


One of the most elegant short haircuts. This look adds more feminine traits. Brown balayage is always on the rage and is the best option for a first attempt.

#9: Modern Short Haircut


This trendy short hairstyle is great for women with thick hair. You can cut your straight hair with choppy layers and make it two tiers with edges cut at different angles, which nicely reduces the thickness.

#10: Fauxhawk Style


Fauxhawk may be the coolest hairstyle to express yourself through your hair. Women with a bold nature will delight everyone with this style. You can convert this look into a daily appearance by pinning back the longer hair.

#11: Asymmetrical Short Cut


Adding a side swept bang to a short haircut is a quick update to the look. The long pieces in the front of this bob create textures feelings, and side part takes effects on knocking years off.

#12: Wavy Ombre Bob


This short cut is almost a pixie cut, but more length on one side. The longer layers add the overall look more feminine traits, and the asymmetrical part gives a face-trimming effect. You look vibrant and dynamic with this style.

#13: Layered Pixie Cut


One of the most beautiful short hairstyles for girls with thick hair. This stacked, classy bob helps hide the denseness of your hair. Accumulated pump stretches the outline of the overall look and creates a perfect profile from any angle.

#14: Wispy Layers


Adding wispy layers to a stacked bob makes it less tomboyish and softens the angles of the edges. The longer strands in the front help complement the face. You can tuck them behind the ears if needed.

#15: Punk Style


A punk hairstyle will rock your fantasy. You don't have to gravitate towards bright colors for the shortcut but consider bleaching strands to achieve the same impact. Adding a winged eyeliner as shown will enhance that effect

#16: Cute Layered Bob


This shaggy tapered bob looks cute and elegant. Go for it, and it will be an excellent choice for women with thicker or naturally wavy hair. You can style it according to your curls direction and costs little time to maintain.

#17: Versatile Short Haircut


This a nice short hairstyle to refresh your look and make you look years younger. A slightly asymmetrical cut is all the rage and helps lengthen your face. Apply smoothing serum to make your hair soft, and manageable.

#18: Elongated Bob


One of the low maintenance shoulder-length bob. It's simple without any volume or texture but will show off your inner elegance. You don't have to apply gel or other products to fix it, only blow-dry to keep a natural style.

#19: Edgy Bob


This short haircut will show your wild nature. Sideburn pieces and short choppy layers with a pea-sized stacking in the back add attitude for the cool cut. Go for beautiful lips and enjoy your fun days out in the sun.

#20: Classic Pixie Cut


This classic pixie cut looks clean and dynamic. Beautiful reddish color will make you stand out immediately. Better yet, it costs you little time to comb hair every morning again, and of course, washing also becomes easier.

#21: Two-Toned Chopped Cut


Chopped haircuts work for any hair type, especially for thin hair. Platinum layers falling on top of a natural brown buzz cut add the texture to the overall look and make this a hot style for short hair.

#22: Pastel Color


This short hairstyle features chic hair tones that make the beautiful hairstyle eye-catching. Besides, the smooth textures below the ears create a perfect oval silhouette. The long neat bangs below the eyes will complement the face.

#23: Sharp A-line Bob with Bangs

#24: Silver Pixie with Bangs

#25: Silky Side-part A-line Bob

#26: Deep Side-part Pixie

#27: Simple and Clean

#28: Blonde Layered Pixie

#29: Metallic Pink Short Hairstyle

#30: Wavy Bob with Highlights

#31: Silver with Dark Roots

#32: Tousled Short Hair

#33: Lob with Highlights

#34: Beige with Highlights

#35: Cute Short Bob

#36: A-line Bob with Stacked Back

#37: Sexy Brown Curls

#38: Elegant Lob

#39: Light Blonde Lob

#40: Short Hair with Romantic Lavender

#41: Short Hairstyle with Perfect Movement

#42: Sleek Gold Bob

#43: Two-toned Short Hair

#44: Central Parting Bob

#45: Ravishing Blue with Layered Bangs

#46: Low-key Bob with Classic Movement

#47: Bright One-length Bob with Bangs

#48: Styled Bob with Chocolate Hue

#49: Sleek Rose Gold

#50: Long Pixie with Face-framing Bangs

#51: Redhead Bob

#52: Platinum Blonde Bob with Pink Hue

#53: Beige Pixie

#54: Balayage Short Hairstyle

#55: Angled Bob with Pastel Pink

#56: Adorable Black Bob with Blunt Bangs

#57: Side-parting Bob

#58: Rose Gold Bob

#59: Pixie with Curls

#60: Simple and Sleek

#61: Black bob with Short Bangs

#62: Wavy Short Hair with Chocolate Hue

#63: Pink Bowl Cut

#64: 20s Flapper

#65: White Angel

#66: Soft Waves

#67: Curly Mohawk

#68: Edgy Asymmetrical Bob

#69: Wavy Pixie

#70: White Short Hair with Tints of Blue

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