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20 Gorgeous Dark Brown Hair with Highlights Ideas

Starting to feel bored with your dark brown mane? Well then, it’s time to freshen things up! What am I talking about? Highlights. Although dark brown hair can be gorgeous and elegant on its own, adding a pop of highlights can make things better and transform your look into a masterpiece. Besides, highlights can also save your hair from a whole world of bleaching and coloring damage.

Don’t hesitate! Just check out these stunning dark brown hair styles with highlights and use them as inspiration for your next salon appointment.

#1: Metallic Highlights for Dark Brown Hair


These bright wavy long locks are sultrier and flirtier with chopped layers and tips. As for shades of hair color, highlighting dark brown hair doesn’t have to be done with blonde. Just as she’s done here, try adding some tints of light red to blend with the blonde, thus achieving a stunning metallic effect.

#2: Toffee Highlights


If you have ultra-long dark brown tresses, highlights can save your locks from feeling boring. Add an increased number of toffee and blonde highlights to your hair, creating a cutting-edge look.

#3: Dark Brown Hair with Ash Brown Highlights


This cropped long hairstyle looks both natural and classic. If you are looking for natural dark-brown hair with highlights, why not try it? Timeless dark-brown with ash-brown highlights is lustrous and enticing.

#4: Dark Brown Bob with Highlights


Stretching the color of the roots is a lazy girls’ dream because you don’t have to worry about the growth of your hair. The highlights for this dark-brown hair aren’t at all obvious. The whole style looks natural and well-blended.

#5: Red Highlights for Dark Brown


If you prefer red highlights but don’t want a super bright effect, adding some brown tints is a really effective trick. It’ll make your locks elegant and timeless.

#6: Natural Brown


This unevenly painted style is perfect for ladies who have never dyed their hair before. Choose a dark brown as the base color and touch up with blonde highlights. It is low-maintenance and natural-looking.

#7: Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Babylights


Babylights are a wonderful coloring technique to create a sun-kissed effect. Add some tints of caramel babylights to your dark brown hair to get a bright and shiny look.

#8: Timeless Hair Color Combination


If you are not bold enough to try anything crazy, instead choose a timeless and classic dark brown style with blonde highlights. You really can’t go wrong.

#9: Chocolate and Copper Highlights


This elegant long cut is suitable for any skin tone or eye color. Creating curls in long hair can increase femininity. As for the color, dark brown pairs perfectly with the chocolate and copper highlights, achieving an enticing style.

#10: Curly Bob with Silver Metallic hues


This short curly bob is heavily textured and dimensional. With a dark base, it’s better for you to opt for silver metallic hues like blue or purple to create an alternative cut.

#11: Dark Brown Hair with Light Brown Highlights


This medium-length haircut is simple and classic. And with the timeless light brown highlights, it’s perfect for women with a rounder face.

#12: Copper and Blonde Highlights


Trim your hair into a chopped long bob and use a large-barreled curling iron to create those bouncing curls. To make this style brighter, try adding copper and blonde highlights to your dark brown hair.

#13: Blonde Highlights with Stripes of Light Chocolate


This is not a normal dark brown hairstyle with blonde highlights. What makes it different is the stripes of light chocolate blended in with the highlights.

#14: Shiny Caramel Brown Ribbons


This damp-styled long style is natural yet bright. Add some caramel brown ribbons to the dark brown base for a sun-kissed and shiny look.

#15: Sleek Brown Bob


This sleek bob is simple and sleek. With a timeless dark brown base, you can add any shade you like. But, if you’re not feeling bold, blonde highlights are the safest option.

#16: Dark Brown Hair with Chocolate Brown Highlights


This curly long bob is a combination of dark brown and chocolate brown which looks elegant and sculptured from any angle.

#17: Partial Highlights


Partial Highlights are perfect for women who want a low-key style. To nail this look you can only paint highlights on specific sections. As for this one specifically, highlights are placed around the face, framing it perfectly.

#18: Golden Brown and Light Blonde Highlights


If you have a truly dark base, you can rock any of your favorite hues by bleaching and coloring. You need to go to the salon several times to cover up the brassy tones though.

#19: Chocolate Copper Highlights for Dark Brown Hair


These chocolate copper hue highlights are intense and rich. If you love an outstanding hair color to enhance your dark brown hair, rock this.

#20: Ash Blonde Highlights for Dark Brown Hair


This dark brown hair with ash blonde highlights is blended perfectly. Don’t add too much ash blonde to the sections around your face. Getting the right balance will make your skin glow.

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