Bewitched: 17 Astonishing Hidden Secrets Now Revealed About The Cast And Crew

Though "Bewitched" ended on March 25, 1972 after eight seasons, it is still quite alive today. For you can find a movie starring Nicole Kidman and Will Farrell based on the Bewitched story and a TV show remake by NBC has been under discussion since 2014.
While Samantha tried to keep the secrets about her signature twitchy nose under ground, the show's producers couldn't. Here are 17 astonishing facts now revealed about the cast and crew.

1. Samantha Actress Elizabeth Montgomery Never Actually Wiggled Her Nose

According to Erin Murphy, the actress who played daughter Tabitha, the nose wiggle of Elizabeth Montgomery was actually a camera trick. It's actually her upper lip that wiggles.


2. "The Darrin Syndrome"

The role of Samantha's husband Darrin was in fact played by two actors. Dick York for Darrin in the first five seasons was replaced by Dick Sargent in the final three, and the producers never gave any warning or explanation. The act of switching out actors without explanation like this became known as "The Darrin Syndrome."


3. The Character Of The Noisy Neighbor Gladys Kravitz Was Also Swapped

The part of the nosey neighbor Gladys Kravitz was first played by Alice Pearce, and then Sandra Gould.


4. Elizabeth Montgomery Played Two Roles In Bewitched

The leading witch was not the only role that Elizabeth Montgomery played, she also took the role of Samantha's cousin Serena.


5. Sol Saks, Bewitched Creator, Talked About His Inspiration

Sol Saks said he modeled the script for the pilot episode after he saw the films "I Married A Witch" and "Bell, Book and Candle".


6. Richard Crenna Admits He Almost Was Darrin

The young Richard Crenna was close to being signed on to play Darrin Stephens, but he took another job while the pilot looked for the perfect Samantha.


7. York It Is

Actor Richard Crenna was offered to play the role of Darrin next, right after he finished "The Real McCoys," but he passed.


8. Dick York's Real Reason for Leaving

York left Bewitched because he suffered from chronic back pain. He tore most of the muscles on the right side of his back on the set of Cordura and never recovered completely.


9. Enter Dick Sargent

During the filming of Season Five, York was rushed to the hospital after a seizure on set and never returned. The show went on a few episodes without Darrin until Dick Sargent stepped in as a replacement.


10. Elizabeth Montgomery's Real Life Pregnancies

Montgomery was pregnant three times, and producers were able to write two of the pregnancies into the script, with Tabitha and Adam added to the Stephens family.


11. Alice Pearce: Cursed With Terminal Cancer

The nosey neighbor actress Alice Pearce was diagnosed with terminal cancer four months before she landed her role on the show, and never told her coworkers about her illness. She passed away in March 1966 from ovarian cancer.


12. Emmy Award

Two months after her death, she won the Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy Award for her performance in Bewitched.


13. The Truth Behind Their Costumes

The Louise Tate actress Kasey Rogers said supporting actors would bring their own clothes into the studio a week before filming and then the wardrobe department would clean and press them.


14. A Special Brooch

Agnes Moorehead often wore a starburst brooch with 8.5 carats of old-mine diamonds, which she bequeathed to her TV daughter when she passed away in 1974.


15. York and Moorehead: Off Camera Friendships Bloomed

York and Moorehead were great friends off-camera though Darrin may not like Endora on the show.


16. Cold Shoulder

Moorehead wasn't pleased when York was replaced by Dick Sargent.


17. Aunt Clara Actress Marion Lorne Collected Doorknob

Marion Lorne, the actress who played aunt Clara, was obsessed with doorknobs in reality, and she had a collection of more than 1,000 antique door openers.