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8 Weird And Wonderful Houses You Definitely Want To Visit

Sim Jae-duck

South Korea's Sim Jae-duck, known as Mayor Toilet, has found a toilet-shaped home, and it's no doubt the only one of its kind in the whole universe. Sim Jae-Duck has a really good reason for doing so as he was in fact born within one. The building opened to celebrate the launch of the World Toilet Association, and Sim Jae-Duck now lives in this Toilet House.


Piano House

This unusual Piano and Violin shaped building was built in 2007. It serves as showroom for exhibiting various plans and development prospects for Huainan City, China. Because of its special shape, it has become a famous tourist place and many newly weds come and take their photos in its front.



Bio-architect Javier Sensonian takes most of his inspiration from the nature, he designed a Seashell House, called the Nautilus. It closely resembles a seashell. Lovers of the original Doctor Doolittle film, rise up!


Upside Down House

A Polish man built an upside down house which will undoubtlt challenge your perceptions of right and wrong, of up and down. What is most fascinating is that the entire interior is backwards as well, so you'll walk along the ceiling, missing the lighting, and step over the door frames. If you suffer from vertigo, look away now!


Shoe House

This shoe house is a tourist attraction in South Africa and contains a museum and art gallery. Carved out of wood by a gifted and rich hotelier Ron Van Zyl as a present for his wife, visitors can go inside of it, and take a look at the museum that has been built there - containing more of Ron Van Zyl's carvings.


Krzywy Domek

Polish architects just love confusing designs and this one is no doubt the best demonstration. The Crooked House is in fact not a house, but the front of a shopping center. Its crazy angles and the wonderful way that the ???houses' seem to be looking at you attract a fair share of tourists standing in line to have their photograph taken in front of it.


Sliding House

England's architecture is mostly known for its wild and wacky, and this ordinary barn conversion is however very dramatic. The entire outside of the house can be removed, sliding on old railroad tracks, leaving a glass copy, light flooding into every room, so people could enjoy the outside no matter how the weather is like.


UFO Houses

If you ever dreamed of going into the space, this space house would make your dream come true. Curtis King and his sons created it in the 1970s, just when the space age and the space race filled people's minds. In March 2008, it was sold. But there is still a chance to make this amazing house yours.

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