8 Disney Easter Eggs You Never Saw

Disney movies have been our favorite since childhood, but have you ever spotted those little known facts that that Disney animator never told us? You may have missed it, but never noticed. In the Disney World, there are teasers, twists, and secrets, that help tie many storylines and characters together. Follow me and see what you have been missing while enjoying those wonderful movies.

1. Bambi's Mom

Could someone tell us why Bambi's mother wound up in the entirely different movies "The Jungle Book", and "Bambi"? Also, she outruns a lion. Does she use a prop to help her?


2. Mickey Mouse In Frozen

It's a little bit challenging to spot the rodent in "Frozen". If you had never noticed him before, then try and spot him now!


3. Hans From Frozen In Big Hero 6

It's a little confusing that Hans from "Frozen" featured on a wanted poster in "Big Hero 6".


4. Jock From Lady & The Tramp In 101 Dalmations

It seems that Disney loves this cute little fellow from "Lady and the Tramp" that they gave him a brief chance to star in "101 Dalmatians" as well.


5. Rapunzel In The Princess & The Frog

The same book makes us understand what Disney read: books about other Disney characters!


6. Jack From Nightmare Before Christmas In The Princess & The Frog

Have you ever spotted this subtle Disney Easter egg? That is really Jack's shadow. Isn't it?


7. Rumpelstiltskin's Golden Spinning Wheel In Tangled

This spinning wheel from "Sleeping Beauty" popped up on "Tangled", and they thought we wouldn't even notice.


8. The Directors of Aladdin Shows Up In Aladdin

While Prince Ahmed is on his way to the Sultan's palace, we take a chance to have a look at the film's directors Ron Clements and John Musker. Interesting!