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8 Coolest Ice Bars In The World That Will Definitely Surprise You

Aurora Ice Bar

Unlike other ice bars, Aurora Ice Bar is actually an ice museum, more precisely, the world's largest year-round ice museum. It's completed in January 2005 and stays a cool 25?? Fahrenheit (-7° Celsius) inside. As a museum, admission ticket is needed. But parkas located in the entry way are available free of charge to use during your tour.


Hotel de Glace

Hotel de Glace and the ice bar is located on the first slopes of the Laurentian mountains, north of the Quebec City. It's the first and the only ice hotel in North America and is built every December for a three-month round from January to March. As all its item is crafted from snow and ice, you can enjoy an authentic cool experience.



There is undoubtly that Dubai would claim to be the Middle East's first ice bar. That is Chillout, built in 2007. Afraid of the cold? Don't worry, Chillout would offer you very warm coats, gloves, shoes and even socks. Except drinking, you can also choose to have a hot chocolate, soup or sandwiches to stand the chill.


Kube Hotel

If you want to experience an ice bar in a low latitude area or not made of ice, go to Kube Hotel in Paris. It specializes in vodka cocktails and would lend you heavy coat and gloves. But it doesn't receive children, so leave the kids behind if you want to sneak a few vodka shots.


Minus5° Ice Bar

Minus5° Ice Bar is the premium ice attraction in the United States, with flashy chains locating New York, Vegas, Monte Carlo etc. Everything inside minus 5° is made of ice: the walls, the bar, the seats and even the glasses that you enjoy your cocktails in. and they continuously add new ice sculptures to give you the coolest experience.


Frost ice bar

Frost ice bar, designed and furnished entirely of ice, is claimed Boston's most unique space for drinks and conversation. The temperature inside is maintained at a brisk 21 degrees, and guests of all ages can enjoy a transportive experience within the dramatic, artfully-sculpted lounge serving premium spirits, featured cocktails, local brews, wine and non-alcoholic selections.


Jukkasjärvi ice bar

The ice bar in the village of Jukkasjärvi, in northern Sweden, established in 1994, is the world's first ice bar with all glasses made of ice. It's situated inside a luxurious ice hotel above the Arctic Circle. Every year artists redesign the bar with a different theme. It's also what the ice hotel holds the bragging rights for.


Royce' Bar

Royce' Bar is made of ice and snow that appears only in winter in the Tobetsu city near Sapporo. It serves a variety of hot drinks. From 11:00 to 20:00, it is open to the public for free, and from 20:00, it becomes a hotel only for guests who have made a reservation.

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