20 Pregnant Animals Who Just Want the Baby Out

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing for every mother, however, is it a wonderful thing for animal mothers? Maybe we can figure it out through their faces. Check out these 20 pictures of pregnant animals.


1. Georgia the Goat

Though having a beard, she is a nanny pregnant goat, named Georgia.


2. Japanese Macaque

This is a macaque from Japan. Maybe she is too pregnant to move, so she can just stay where she is. But she is busy with reading a pamphlet.


3. Monk Seal

When 4 years old, monk seals begin to give birth to babies. But each female monk seal can only give birth to one calf a year. So the baby is really precious.


4. Georgia the American Bulldog

Obviously, she is under too much pressure. We can see that via her face. However, don't worry, because everything will soon be fine. She is going to have about 11 lovely puppies!


5. Sphynx Cat

WOW! I think she is very angry! Usually, a sphynx cat will give birth to babies in days. But it seems that she has been exhausted for years.


6. Ferret

This ferret seems to surrender! She can give birth to as few as one or as many as 18!


7. Guinea Pig

This guinea pig had 5 babies 2 days after this picture was taken!


8. Harbor Seal

Harbor Seal could be pregnant as long as 11 months! I think she enjoys the sunshine.


9. Zebra

Her vertical stripes are not so slim as before!


10. Giraffe

It is not easy for her to drink... She will be pregnant for 460 days.


11. Merino Sheep

It looks like that her babies will kick their way out at any moment!


12. Shetland Pony

She is a miniature horse, but now she has this huge belly. This will take her 326 days.


13. Pig

Usually, pigs have an 114 days pregnancy period. Now, she is too heavy to move!


14. Frog

The frog will carry her eggs inside them before they come out.


15. Daisy the Hippo

The right one is Daisy, which is pregnant for 8 months. Her baby will be much bigger than a human baby!


16. Seahorse

For seahorses, pregnancy is none of the ladies' business. It is the male seahorses who take the pregnancy pains.


17. Fox Squirrel

This fox squirrel later give birth to 3 cute babies!


18. Gorilla

This gorilla is absolutely overweight!


19. Sheep

A sheep usually can give birth to 1 to 3 lambs.


20. Pig

It seems that her babies will come out immediately!