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66 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women

Getting old isn’t something that anyone really looks forward to because of things like wrinkles, slower metabolism, and other health problems to mention just a few. Fortunately, you’ve still got your hair though and just because you’re a little older it doesn’t mean you lose your right to have a chic and gorgeous haircut. Here are some key tips that you need to keep in mind when it comes to hair styling. Roll through to check out the haircut ideas that can help to take years off your look.


1. Soften Your Hairstyle

It's hard enough to suffer through wrinkles, freckles, and other depressing problems as you get older, so to remedy you might consider softening your hairstyle. A lighter color, a fringe, and cute curls that soften your features can all do the trick.


2. Never Be Afraid To Change

Changing your style and updating your look regularly is one way to knock years off. You shouldn't age yourself by sticking to the same hairstyle for a long time. Chat with your stylist often and get advice to freshen things up by wearing a new hairstyle. For example, you can try shorter hair or a new color. Anything that will give you and your friends a nice surprise.


3. Length Is Still A Fortune

It is a misunderstanding that long hair is no longer an option when you are older because if your hair ages well and is in good shape, it can still have the same effect as when you were young. A gorgeous long hairstyle can distinguish you from others instantly.


4. Don’t Rush Into Anything

Changing hairstyles can be a big thing, especially for older women. You have to take your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle into consideration before you finally decide what you are going to do with your hair. Don’t rush into anything, and consult your friends and a stylist you trust. Whatever fits you is the best. You need to think about the big picture.


5. Layers Are Good To Have

However long or short your hair, face-framing layers will always flatter as long as you marry them up with the right haircut. If you want more movement, like more texture, and long for a stylistic look, go to a salon and get yourself some layers!


6. Add Volume

It is normal that your hair tends to become thinner as you age, so adding volume helps to keep a healthy and youthful look. It’s important to be more careful when choosing the right hair-care products and make sure they can create full-bodied hair. More importantly though, choosing a suitable hairstyle that helps to add body to your locks will make a huge difference.


7. Carefree Style

Remember when you were 20 years old, you got off the bed and hung out with your friends without worrying about your hairstyle? Aging makes you pay more attention to your appearance, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't try for an effortless style. Layered bobs and other undone haircuts that enhance movement and have a bouncy effect can lighten up your day and make a big difference.


8. Youthful Hair Is Shiny

Frizzy hair is an issue that becomes inevitable as you age, so it's essential to tame your frizz. Always remember to blow dry your hair, and use a spray if necessary. Shiny and healthy hair can help you pass for 10 years younger than you really are. You can also hold it back with a ponytail or hairpin to keep your frizzy hair under control.


9. The Right Color

The right color saves you from looking dull. It is better for you to change your hair color as you age. A youthful color is key to keeping your hair dimensional and looking full of vitality. But it is wise to consult your stylist to choose a color that goes with your skin tone and your original hair color.


10. Dare To Go For Bangs

Bangs, no matter full bangs or side-swept bangs, can complement any face shape and are always in style. They are going to make you look younger, yet as sophisticated as ever. Make sure you go to a stylist you trust to make the most of them.


11. Short Cut Is Always In

From cool pixies to a curly crop, super short means super cute. If you find long hair high maintenance, short haircuts are easy to style and won’t ever go out of style. Besides, wearing a short hairstyle prevents you from being dull and can bring out your inner enthusiasm! You are aging, so what?


12. Two Inches Below The Chin Goes A Long Way

If you are more of a person who is into a medium-length hairstyle, two inches below the chin is a good start. It will give you breezy feel and can be elegantly styled. Get yourself some curls and a side bang, and the hairstyle will frame your face, add volume, plus highlight your features. You and your hair need to stick up together against this “getting old” stuff, right?


13. Add A Splash Of Color

If you know how to wear a refreshing hairstyle, highlights and lowlights are what you need. Gray hair or not, some light color and lowlights bring dimension to your locks, brightening your skin tone and giving you a natural look. Dullness is never a problem.


14. Try A Side Part

How to brighten up your face where wrinkles are starting to pop up? A side part hairstyle with some layers could be an option because it can cover the unpleasant lines for you. If you have worn side part for a long time, go for a center-part! After all, youth is all about changing.


15. Simpler To Style Is Key

You may want to steer clear of wearing haircuts that are too shaggy or messy because you may end up looking unkempt if you are not good at handling them. Therefore, a simple shoulder-length straight cut style is all you need for an elegant look.


16. Age Is Nothing But A Number

The easiest, fastest, and the least expensive way to take 20 years off your look is to believe that age shouldn’t determine your hairstyle and that you still have the right to be chic and gorgeous. With that confidence, you will be able to handle any hairstyles you’d like to try.


17. Celebrity Hairstyles May Help

If you have no idea what hairstyle will make you look younger, why not try finding some inspirations online? After all, there are so many older celebrities, from Helen Mirren and Nicole Kidman to younger women like Heidi Klum and Kate Winslet. You're sure to find a style that will suit you. Just remember to bring the photos you like to your stylist.

18. Your Stylist Knows Better Than You

When you talk to your stylist about your desired look, listen to your stylist's advice. Sometimes, the style you want to achieve may not work with your hair or lifestyle, but your stylist can suggest something that will. So, keep an open mind!

19. An Easy Trick To Add Volume

When blow-drying your hair, make sure you are lifting your hair at the root. If you are tired of using a round brush and a hairdryer at the same time, try a tool that combines a brush and a dryer, such as the Babyliss Big Hair Styler. It's an easy job, and you get instant volume.

20. Hair Treatments Are Important

As you get older, your hair will change both color and texture. It tends to become grey, coarser, and dull. You may have found that your hair, which was easy to manage in your 20s, now becomes unruly. Use hair oil regularly to keep it hydrated and smooth. This can make ageing hair look young and shiny.

21. Warm Up Your Hair Color

Many older women find their skin is losing some warm color, so it's good to introduce some warmer color into the hair to brighten you up. Instead of going for an ashy blonde, choose something creamier, which is a bit softer but still bright. If you currently have white hair, try golden tones and something softer. Your hair will look more youthful and voluminous.

Next, we will show you 15 chic youth-restoring hairstyles to inspire your next look.

22. Full And Flirty

The full and flirty bob is great for women with heart-shaped and oval faces because they divert attention to a slim jawline. When styling at home, make layers to create movement and curl the ends in opposite directions to achieve a messy and full texture.

23. Lavender And Grey Look

This is one of the hairstyles that can solve the hair thinning problem women face as they age. The lavender and grey color combined with sharp cuts and a definite frame will add vibrancy and character to your hairdo.

24. Cool Blonde Cut

The cool blonde pixie cut with messy layers will make you look both tough and soft at the same time. It’s a style that’s easy to sport and groom. Women with broad foreheads can also hide it with the front fringes.

25. Edgy Brown Blonde Pixie

This fuzzy ombre pixie cut with layers in a side part is a perfect choice for you to shine through a hot summer. It’s also a stylish symbol of your adamant, comfortable and chic personality.

26. Sleek Stacked Bob

The stacked bob with soft bangs creates a stylish shape, and the chin length sleek layers on sides make the whole hairdo more energetic. This style is an excellent choice to be in tune with your inherent elegance.

27. Layered Bob with Bangs

A layered bob is one of the most popular haircuts for women over 60 because it will show the advantages of a face with the tiered hairline and side bangs. The back of your hairstyle also looks very natural, and you don’t need too much time to maintain it.

28. Blond Short Straight Crop

Hairstyles for women over 60 should be with lighter hair hues because it will easily take years off your face and blonde will be a better choice. Short crop is a convenient hairdo to take care of and tends to be the preference of most fashionable women.

29. Shoulder Length Straight Bob

If you want your hair to be longer, you can choose this shoulder length straight bob because it can warm up your complexion. You’ll see to that the slight inner buckle hair ends also help realize all the potential of your internal elegance.

30. Natural Short Cut And Highlight

Women over sixty can be versatile with their appearance. For example, this stacked swing bob will make you look neat, elegant, and feminine. The angled cut adds sharpness to the curved edges and draws attention to the narrowness of a pointed chin.

31. Classic Bob

The classic bob looks great on women of any age, with any hair texture or hair color. You can part your hair on the side or middle to help frame your face. It's easy to be elegant and gorgeous with this cut.

32. Flipping Out Short Hair

Women get soft facial lines as we age. One of the best solutions is to choose the right cut. This hairstyle for example features with flipped out ends that help stretch your chain line and knock 20 years off you.

33. Modern Layered Bob

The best way to create shape for short hairstyle is to add layers, and it works better if you have straight hair since it gives you a modern look. You will just love this versatile and current lock.

34. Soft Tousled Waves

A good bob hairstyle is above time. You can still make it different by tousling it a little and the end result will be incredibly classy and chic. Get yourself a good flat iron to save some styling time.

35. Asymmetrical Silver Pixie

This is definitely a head-turning hairstyle for its dramatic and elegant twists created by its unexpected shape. Pair it up with some metallic color and embrace this hairstyle that perfectly shows off your cheekbones.

36. Messy Backswept Hairstyle

The medium-sized bob with asymmetrical bangs accentuates the jawline, making your face look slimmer. A few defined top tresses swept back gives off a natural and sexy feel, so appealing that you surely will have some heads turning your way.

37. Golden Lob With Layers

A textured long bob enhanced by painted highlights matches perfectly with cascading layers. It looks sun-kissed and fashionable. Dry your hair with a blower and comb them with your finger, creating a messy feeling.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_38

38. Smooth Platinum Bob

This smooth lob is simple, elegant and easy to maintain. Just use the comb to make your hair smooth, and you can be ready to go out in a flash.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_39

39. Brown Ombre Waves

Combine your lob with a splash of color is a fun addition to any new hairstyle, and you can choose different colors to make it special. Create messy waves to refresh the whole and add feminine charm to this style.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_40

40. Brown Balayage Lob

Tousled bedhead haircuts are always timeless. Cut the tips chopped enough to achieve this lazy style. The brown balayage adds a sweet and warm feeling to this lob haircut.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_41

41. Lob with Movement

For women who want a neat and sleek haircut, this simple lob haircut is perfect. Add blonde shades to avoid being ordinary. The long bangs flow back and the locks at the back move forward.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_42

42. Contrasting Medium-Length Hairstyle

Women with warm complexions should choose this contrasting medium-length haircut. With the chocolate highlights and big waves, this gorgeous haircut won't make you look too orange and at the same time gives you the overall desired effect.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_43

43. Medium-Length Cascade

The medium-length cascade looks sweet. The cascade takes on a two-tiered hairstyle with the layers beginning at the chin. This style also pumps the top part and shows off beautiful feathers of the bottom section.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_44

44. Layered Medium Hairstyle

This style looks more interesting than one-length cuts and can bring your face shape to the ideal oval maximally. Layers make your hair look sleek yet full of movement, dimensional yet sleek. Mature ladies fit especially well with this style.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_45

45. Two-layered Medium-Length Hairstyles

The dual-layered technique and the usage of various shades of blonde creates an edgy and fashion-forward feeling to your look. It gives a natural feeling and turns the focus to layers and colors successfully.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_46

46. Sweet Honey

In a general way, for women with thinner locks, wavy and chopped hair is better than straight hair. But if you have thin hair and insist on straight hairstyles, this one will be your option. Cut your hair to shoulder-length, and the layered honey highlighted hue helps add texture and dimension to the whole look.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_47

47. Stacked Balayage Bob

Another perfect hairstyle for women with thin hair! Choppy side layers and graduated nape add volume and dimension to this style. Golden balayage can provide accents for thin hair as well.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_48

48. Chopped Bob with Layers

This bob features two tiers with edges cut at different angles. The lighter blonde color brightens the whole style naturally. You won't see it on every other woman.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_49

49. Shaggy Bob With Chopped Bangs

This shaggy bob haircut is nothing but gorgeous. With the choppy ends and tousled layers, this whole style looks dimensional and voluminous. The Copper color is elegant and youthful.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_50

50. Ombre Choppy Bob

This ombre long bob haircut is feminine and tousled. With the chin-length bangs and blonde ombre hair color, it looks fashion-forward and gorgeous. Aged women with thin hair may try this style.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_51

51. Silver Blue Curls

Older women can also rock cool hair tones! With the posh silver-blue hair color and pronounced curls, you just got yourself a head-turning hairstyle!

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_52

52. Layered Hairstyle With Chocolate Highlights

If you don't want your medium-length hair to be boring, add some layers. It's perfect for thick hair. The chocolate highlights finish the whole style.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_53

53. Pixie With Copper Highlights

With sharp layers, this long pixie looks more dramatic and unique. Try a dark brown base and add some bright copper highlights to freshen up.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_54

54. Platinum Balayage Bob

If you have thin hair, rock this platinum balayage bob instead of a traditional A-line one. With the edgy deep roots and platinum highlights, this style creates a dimension and fullness that will bring a youthful air!

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_55

55. Curly Pixie With Light Blonde Shade

The color of light blonde and curly layers go perfectly with fine hair. If your hair is with light color and has a good texture, this smart boyish pixie cut would be right for you!

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_56

56. Shaggy Blonde

When it comes to removing weight from the ends, well-structured layers truly have magical power. Wear a blonde hair color and a velvet ruby lips and be ready to rock an eye-catching style.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_57

57. Stacked Wispy Blonde Bob

This bob haircut gives the illusion of thickness through stacked ends and shaggy strands. If you have fine hair, show this picture to your stylist next time to the salon.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_58

58. Permed Bob With Highlights

After its popularity in the 70s and 80s, permed hairstyles are becoming welcomed again. It works well in boosting volume and dimension, especially for older women. Add some highlights to freshen up.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_59

59. Smooth And Soft Style

If you have thick hair, try this beautiful bob. Feathered layers create lots of flow and movement for the style. Plus, a uniform bottom layer with shiny highlights makes this hairstyle gorgeous and timeless.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_60

60. Sexy Brown Curls

This sexy flattering look is composed of multiple layers. And these feathered brown layers not only make the style look elegant and dimensional but also keep long strands away from your face.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_61

61. Stacked Layered Bob

Women with thick hair can also try this style. Create feathered layers to achieve a dimensional effect. The Soft light brown hair color makes this haircut less sharp.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_62

62. Enticing Auburn Waves

This auburn medium-length haircut is super attractive and sultry. The curly layers add texture to the style, and the bold dark auburn creates depth and definition to the whole look.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_63

63. Choppy Bob With Smoky Color

If you're looking for a manageable length hair, this choppy bob could be an alternative for short haircuts. The feathered layers add dimension to this style. Older ladies can also rock cool hair color such as lilac and mercury. Apply a hair thickening mousse to polish the style.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_64

64. Sleek Platinum Bob

This soft bob looks ordinary, but with the dark roots, everything changes. With little layers, it is perfect for older women with thick hair.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_65

65. Blue And Black Balayage

The stacked bob looks more dimensional with the blue balayage. If you love to try something bold, rock this style.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_66

66. Ronze Long Hair

If you have pale skin, this hair color works perfectly on you. It lights up your complexion and will bring a youthful air to your style.

36 Easiest Hairstyles To Knock Years Off Older Women_67

How are you supposed to know which hairstyle will enhance your facial features, which color suits your complexion, and how to style your hair to knock years off your age? TheTrendyHairstyles will help you with all of that.

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