15 U.S. Presidents And Presidential Hopefuls Ranked By IQ Score

While a high IQ doesn't guarantee success, it is true that intelligence is often associated with effective leaders. But does that tend to hold true for U.S. presidents and those presidential hopefuls? Are the most successful presidents also the most intelligent? Here is a list consisting IQ scores of 15 U.S. presidents and presidential hopefuls. This list is by no means definitive, but it should give us a general overview of each president's relative intelligence.

1. George W. Bush

IQ: 124
Throughout the presidency of George W. Bush, the media frequently raised questions about his intelligence. George W. Bush actually has a rather respectable IQ at 124.


2. George H.W. Bush

IQ: 130.1
Before attending Yale, George H.W. Bush enlisted in the Navy and served until the end of the World War II. He earned his degree in two and a half years.


3. Richard Nixon

IQ: 131
Though Nixon's presidency was marred in scandal, he was effective and accomplished some major foreign policy goals. He had an estimated IQ of 131.


4. Abraham Lincoln

IQ: 140
Abraham Lincoln has an IQ of 140, and was the only president who had a patent after inventing a device to free steamboats that ran aground.


5. Thomas Jefferson

IQ: 160
Thomas Jefferson was a true Renaissance person, learning everything from architecture to agricultural innovation. He has an estimated IQ of 160!


6. George Washington

IQ: 132.5
George Washington, America's first president and distinguished revolutionary, had an IQ of 132.5.


7. Ronald Reagan

IQ: 130
Although Ronald Reagan ranks lower than most of the presidents on this list in terms of IQ, he is considered to be one of the most effective presidents.


8. Theodore Roosevelt

IQ: 149
Theodore Roosevelt became the 26th as well as the youngest president in the country's history at the age of 43. He had an IQ of 149.


9. Barack Obama

IQ: 145
Barack Obama is the first African-American male to be elected as U.S. president. A Graduate from Harvard Law School, Obama has an IQ of 145.


10. John F. Kennedy

IQ: 158
John F. Kennedy had served less than 3 years before he was assassinated in 1963. Graduating from Harvard, Kennedy had an IQ of 158.


11. John Adams

IQ: 168.8
John Adams was one of the founding fathers of the United States. With a remarkable IQ score of 168.8, he attended Harvard in 1751 at the age of 16.


12. Franklin D. Roosevelt

IQ: 139.6
With an estimated IQ of 139.6, Franklin D. Roosevelt attended Harvard University and Columbia Law School before entering politics as a Democrat.


13. Bill Clinton

IQ: 156
Bill Clinton was the 42nd president of the United States. With an IQ of 156, Clinton was elected governor of Arkansas in 1978 after graduating from Georgetown.


14. Hillary Clinton

IQ: 140
A graduate from Yale Law School in 1973, Hillary Clinton is seeking to become the first female to be elected as U.S. president. She has an IQ of 140.


15. Donald Trump

IQ: 120-130
You may say anything about this floopy-haired tycoon, but Donald Trump is still one of the biggest names in the country. Trump has his hopes on becoming the 45th president. Some sources claimed that Trump's IQ is around 156, but a more realistic estimate puts it in the 120-130 range.