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15 Romantic Photos Make Your Believe In Childhood Sweethearts

There are numberless of loving and romantic stories about people meeting, falling in love and getting married. There are chances when your school playmate who you have hanged out with transformed into the person you want to spend your rest of life with. Here are 15 heartwarming stories of people who keep their love going. Though some of couples have separated sometime but destiny have gotten them back together at long last.

1. They have been in love for 15 years and counting.


2. Still together after 14 years.


3. They have dated on this playground, and five years later, they are still playful and in love.


4. Their loving story began on this beach. Now they still visit their favorite place together.


5. After 15 years, she still helps fix his bow tie.


6. She was taller than him when they fell in love. 7 years later, they are still an adorable couple.


7. They began dating in high school. 9 years later, they married on their anniversary like a dream come true.


8. This couple didn't change much since they fell in love 10 years ago.


9. Lionel Messi, football superstar, met his lifetime love when he was five years old. Now they have 2 sons.


10. He remembered her favorite place and took her back when they got married.


11. They have been together through school.


12. They met when they were 14. Finally they married after their 35 years breaking off.


13. They met when they were only 3. They have been their favorite hangout place when they get married.


14. This couple went to school together in 1995, and 6 years later they become husband and wife.


15. He danced with her on the junior year prom. 11 years later, they danced their wedding waltz.

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