15 Photos That Won't Make Sense To Sistersless Families

Sisterhood is an imperishable bond and for most of people, it is a team within a family, just like you are having a best friend who constantly gets to sleepover. However, sometimes you don't struggle until you experience life with a sister when you don't get along well with each other. Even though this is a collection of what is like to grow up with a sister, let's not forget how fabulous it is at the same time.

1. When you are poking around your sister's stuff, and suddenly hear her coming in the door:


2. When you are trying to leave the house with your sister's clothes:


3. This is when she tries to wear your clothes:


4. Physical brawls happens on a somewhat basis:


5. When your parents stand back on your side when an argument happens:


6. When you have different opinion on TV programs:


7. When you shared bathroom looks like it was hit by a storm:


8. When someone tells you that your sister is attractive:


9. When you both want to seat the front seat and the argument is not settled:


10. When you know who takes a shower last:


11. When you act innocent in front of your parents but you know what you think:


12. When your parents force you to make up with your sister, but you still get mad:


13. This is your sister's reaction when you steal her spot after she forget to call seat check.


14. When you find sneaky ways to fight with your sister so that you parents won't get mad:


15. When you realize you can't live without her:

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