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13 World's Most Awesome Swimming Pools

Queen's Bath natural pool, Kauai, Hawaii

Queen's Bath is a tidal pool on Kauai, Hawaii. It's located on the north side of Kauai with the latitude of 22_3_47_N and longitude of 159_9_8_W. Down a short track, you can reach the swimming area. Tourists usually come here in the summer as the water is peaceful during the summer time. There are a huge variety of tiny sea life and small fish in the water.


Bahmah, Wadi Shab, Oman

Bahmah, also called The Bahmah sinkhole or Bimmah sinkhole, is a famous sinkhole in Oman. A sinkhole is a kind of hole formed by a collapse or through some force of nature. It can be formed gradually or suddenly. The Bahmah sinkhole is approximately 30m deep. It was caused by the collapse of a cave chamber. You have to access the sinkhole via concrete stairway.


Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali

Alila Villas Uluwatu is a five-star hotel and resort that faces limestone cliffs on the southern coastline of Bali. Equipped with private pools and spectacular scenery, Alila Villas Uluwatu can't be beaten for swimming. You can lay back and enjoy the amazing views around you. What a place!


Aquaria Grande, Mumbai

Aquaria Grande, also named Aquaria Grande Tower, is a residential skyscraper in Mumbai, India. The private swimming pools are on the residents' balconies. We have to admit that it is a great idea as long as you are not afraid of heights.


Anantara Golden Triangle Hotel, Thailand

Anantara Golden Triangle Hotel is one of Thailand's most luxury hotels and resorts. Apart from its well-known elephant camp, the outdoor swimming pool here is perfect as well. You can choose to swim for a while, experience the spa and taste the seafood. Nice!


Hamilton Pool, Texas

Hamilton Pool, or Hamilton Pool Preserve, is a natural pool in Texas, USA. It was formed by the collapse of the dome of an underground river due to massive erosion. Many people come here during summer time for swimming. But this pool is occasionally restricted due to it's protected status.


Neptune Pool, Hearst Castle, California

Neptune Pool is the ensemble of all the outdoor swimming pools at Hearst Castle. It includes amazing swimming pools, ornamental pools, fountains, sculptures, dressing rooms, and alabaster lanterns. Swimming in the pool, you can't help but have the feeling of swimming in an ancient Roman or ancient Greek pavilion.


The Inn at Key West, Florida

The Inn at Key West is a famous resort in Florida, USA. Luxury room facilities, amazing pool and fitness center will make you feel coddled during your vacation, especially in the swimming pool. After a whole day touring outside, we can say for sure that you will need to take a break. This magnificent pool is the perfect place to unwind.


Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Hotel is a luxury hotel in Singapore. It is famous for the infinity pool on the rooftop of the building. And it's the largest rooftop pool in the world. Just imagine that you're floating in this infinity pool and enjoying views from the best spot in Singapore. We believe this moment will be the most unforgettable one in your life!


Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona

Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain, or Sanctuary Resort & Spa, was evaluated as the 2015 top resort in Arizona. It is famous for it's spa, dining and infinity pool.


San Antonio Hotel, Santorini

San Antonio Hotel is a modern hotel in Malta. Rooms are comfortable, equipped with flat-screen TVs, free WiFi, tea and coffeemaking machine, minibar, and balconies. From the balcony, you can enjoy pool, sea and inland scenery. Apart from the rooms, there is an indoor pool and 3 outdoor pools.


Marden Tower, Antalya, Turkey

Marden Tower, also called Mardan Palace, is a luxury hotel and resort in Turkey. It located on the shore of Mediterranean Sea and includes 546 magnificent rooms and suites. There is an outdoor swimming pool at the center of the resort, with a 350,000-gallon fish tank. You can swim while enjoying cute fish.


Cenotes of the Yucat

Cenotes of the Yucat

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