13 Clever Cleaning Tips That Increase Efficiency For Your Home

Sometimes it is not necessary to buy bottled stuff to get your home clean. It is little known that there are many things in your house you can use in ways which they are hardly intended for. They are not only helping resolve a few household problems but making your life a little bit easier in the process. Hope you will find the following little cleaning tips useful. Some of them are just plain genius.

1. Pick up pet hair with rubber gloves

Picking up pet hair can be annoying. Next time try to put on a pair of rubber gloves, damped with water slightly, and pets hair will stick to the gloves.


2. Remove toilet bowl stain with pumice stone

Pumice stones have been used to eliminate the roughness on feet for years. They are also awesome cleaning tools for your to remove toilet bowl rings. There is also a specially designed pumice stone with a handle, so that you don't have worry to put your hand in the toilet water.


3. Clean shower head with vinegar

Fill a plastic bag with vinegar, and wrap the bag around the shower head. Let the shower head soak for 30 minutes to overnight. Remove the bag the next morning, and you will find it as clean as new.


4. Remove water rings with a hair dryer

It would be annoying when there are water rings on your wooden table. Hold your hair dryer on the medium heat to "blow dry" away the stains. Use some olive oil on your furniture after the stains disappear.


5. Deep clean oven with kitchen ingredients

A dirty oven is almost everyone's worst nightmare. Here is a completely safe, natural and effective way. Mix some baking soda and vinegar in equal parts. Use the mixed liquid to wipe your oven clean.


6. Polish stainless steel with cream of tartar

Mix a tablespoon cream of tartar with some drops of water. Use a clean sponge to rub the mixed liquid and then clean the steal off with a paper towel.


7. Use lemons to clean microwave

Nobody likes cleaning out the gross, crusty foodstuff in the microwave. Here we are suggesting using a lemon. Squeeze the lemon in a cup of water. Put the water in a bowl and microwave for 3 minutes. Let stand for 5 minutes, open the door and your can wipe out the microwave, staring with the ceiling and the sides, then the floor.


8. Clean glass cook top with vinegar

Mix the vinegar and water 1:1. Spray the mixture on your stove, stay for a few minutes, and wipe it with a clean towel.


9. Use lint roller on lampshades and pillows

Lint rollers can not only be used for cleaning your clothes, but for household items such as lampshades and pillows which easily accumulate dust.


10. Get stains off with a rubbing alcohol

Almost everyone has rubbing alcohol in their medicine cabinet. Since alcohol is solvent, so it works well in cleaning up stains on your dirty microfiber couch. Scrub with a clean a brush, and you will find your couch be as good as new.


11. Use a cordless stick vacuum

Since giant vacuums take up storage space. You can use cordless stick models like the Hoover Air Cordless 2-in-1, which is more convenient and doesn't take too much space.


12. Clean Toilet Bowl With Coke

Coke works well as a cleaner due to its indigent including the gentle carbonic and phosphoric acid. Pour the Coke into the bowl, let the Coke sit for at least an hour without disturbing it. Then flush the toilet once.


13. Clean cabinets with dish cleaner

Dish cleaner covers a large surface area, allowing you to clean fast and effectively.