12 Amazing Snaps Of This Little Girls Raised by Wild Animals

Have you ever imagined growing up with the company of various kinds of animals and play with them without fearing? The French girl Tippi growing up in Africa is the one whose life appeals to many people who had never keep an intimate relationship with wild animals like her.
Her parents are both wildlife photographers and often tour to explore the world wildlife. She is free to get in touch and makes friends with a variety of animals. Tippi has written a book reminiscent of her magical childhood. Follow me and see these 12 snaps of this little girls' incredible life with the amazing wild animals.

1. Her Friends

It has been Tippi's second nature to hug this 7-ton wild animal,as she’s hugging her tame pet house cat. It's unbelievable she shows zero fear to gigantic animals.


2. Her Childhood

Tippi spent her childhood living with elephants, crocodiles, giraffes and big cats. She slept in a tent with her parents at a time when other girls her age were playing with toys.


3. Her Gift

Unlike other girls her age got the gift of toys, this innocent little girl believes animals are her gift and best friends.


4. The incredible moment

Her parents captured some unbelievable moment when she stayed with animals. It's marvelous to see she sitting astride an ostrich, playing with a rock python, and riding through the swamps on Abu’s neck on these photos.


5. No fear

She has a natural talent for communicating with the animals and shows no fear of them.


6. The real life Mowgli

It’s likely Mowgli has come to live from this stunning shot.


7. Free to make friends

Tour with her parents around Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa, This little girl has a vast opportunity to make friends with a variety of wild animals she encounters and gradually developed some usual friendships with time.


8. The breathtaking shot

The scene she touches the animal is breathtaking. She looks so calm and innocent as if she totally forgot the danger of leopard lurking at her side.


9. Her brother

When she was just 18 months old, Tippi met an African elephant called Abu. The little girl never shows fear to this giant, and later they become close buddies.


10. Not all plain sailing

Not everything is going smoothly for Tippi though. She was nipped on the nose twice by a meerkat. There was also the time when Cindy the baboon jealousy tore out a chunk of Tippi’s hair. It feels terribly hurt. Wild animals are very unpredictable.


11. It was normal for her

"The animals are my friends." She said. She had never experienced how other children were growing up and didn't know how to play with humans. The animals she kept company with are nothing unusual to her.


12. A magic Childhood

She wrote a book reminiscent of her magical childhood growing up alongside some of the world’s rarest and most beautiful animals. She also shared her experience on how to communicate with animals, an unique ability she developed during her time in the wild.