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10 Things Men Find Unattractive

Women seem to easily notice everything that is wrong with another woman. They can effortlessly spot any makeup disaster, loose outfit, or ugly hairstyles. But how about men? Will those who understand nothing of feminine or fashion things also notice when a woman is ill-groomed? The answer is yes. Most of the men can tell when a woman is trying too hard. Here are 10 things men hate most.

1. Intricate Hairstyle

An intricate hairdo is usually for an extravagant photo shooting in a studio or on a carnival. In other circumstances keeping hair natural is preferred.


2. Heavy Foundation

Foundation is used to cover up imperfections, fine lines and blemishes. However, it should be used as a thin, even layer right in to your skin. Overuse can make it look like you came out with a layer of clay on your face.


3. Glitter and Shimmer on Your Eyelids

Unless you are a teenager or participating a themed party, keep glitter and shimmer away from your makeup set. Men usually hate the idea of coming home from a date covered in sparkles.


4. Gummed up Lashes

When a woman uses too much mascara, her eyelashes would stick together and smear black with each blink. Make sure to use mascara in good quality that dries quickly and doesn't smudge. Don't forget to remove ay excess off of your lashes with an eyelash brush.


5. Badly Shaved Body

Whether you like it or not, men like smooth face. Make sure that your armpits and legs are perfectly clean and hairless. It indicates that you take care of your body and tells a lot about your hygiene.


6. Dry skin

While you are making sure you put your best face forward, please don't forget your hands. Dry, cracked hands will make you look older than you actually are. Make sure you put some moisturiser on your hands before you go out for a date. Besides, the sight of peeling skin, a dried heel or oily face is also a warning to "back off."


7. Bad Breath and Yellowish Teeth

To be honest, nobody hope for bad breath when they search for a partner. If you are getting a stale breath or hoping to get a kiss after a particular meal, keep some minty gum or breath strips in your purse. Besides, yellow teeth are not attractive to anyone. Make sure that you use a gentle in-home whitening treatment so as to win over your date with a smile.


8. Wrong Lip Liner

It is alright to wear a bold lip color while dating, but make sure that your lip liner matches it if you want to woo the object of your affection.


9. Too Much Fragrance

Excesses are always inappropriate. Try to put a dab just in certain points such as wrists, the neck or behind the ears. These "pulse points" are warmer than other locations on your body and make you scent more pronounced.


10. Public Grooming

Men usually are not interested in knowing your tricks to become attractive. So put on your makeup at home and don't fuss over it in public.

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