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10 Reasons Why Going Gluten-Free Is Great!

Gluten free is far more than just a diet trend. According to the study, most people have some level of gluten intolerance from mild to high scale celiac disease. What's worse, excess gluten can lead to poor nutrient absorption or even some other serious health conditions such as coeliac's disease, infertility, auto-immune problems and more.

1. Refined Wheat: No Nutritional Value

A refined grain, or its products, made by processing a natural and whole grain should be avoided since the refinement process has stripped most of the nutritional value, just giving you all the negative affects.


2. High Blood Sugar

You probably know that if you eat food that spikes your blood sugar, that is not good for you. You may not totally "get" why, but get the idea that you ate something sugary. But did you know this? Whole wheat bread raises your blood sugar more than two tablespoons of sugar.


3. Autism

A new study shows that Peptides found in gluten have something connected with the origin of autism. Growing numbers of Peptides have been found in the urine of people who suffer autism, which has drawn the attention of scientists for further testing.


4. Intensifies Mental Illness

Many cases of neurological illness may be caused or exacerbated by gluten consumption. A study shows that people with schizophrenia have improved significantly from a gluten free and dairy free diet.


5. Makes You Crave Sugar

Have you ever found yourself uncontrollably eating a box of Wheat Thins? Ironically, the food you are most reactive to is the one you crave most. Like a drug, you feel euphoria when you eat these gluten-rich foods and subsequently crave them.


6. Phytates

Phytates are common antioxidants in grains, and they are good for your health. The problems is that when they are combined with other minerals, they can inhibit the absorption of some essential minerals. What's more, Phytates are also known to be hard on your teeth.


7. Infertility

It is scientifically known that gluten is a hormone disruptor, and it can contribute to problems with conception. Doctors have identified that women with gluten problems have a high rate of unexplained infertility.


8. Inflammatory Responses

Joint pain and inflammation are common symptoms for the estimated 3 million people in the United States who suffer celiac disease. Gluten causes inflammatory responses in the body, and that is why many people feel joint pain and an overall sick feeling.


9. Highly Allergenic

Many people don't realize that they are gluten intolerance, which could be a painful thing if left undiagnosed. Common symptoms of gluten intolerance include joint pain, bloating, skin rash, abdominal pain and anxiety.


10. Fatigue

If you are experiencing high levels of fatigue when eating a balanced diet and getting enough rest, you can try to remove gluten from your diet to see if it helps.

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