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10 Most Incredible Construction Fails That Make Your Jaw Dropped

We humans are too spoiled, and we sometimes forget how the constructions we made are used to be. The following 10 structures are the really big failure.

1. We wonder what the structure should be. It goes from nowhere to nowhere. Perhaps it was part of a building plan where you can park your car, or maybe they are trying to stimulate the walk from your vehicle to another part of the building. Whatever the intention was: it failed.


2. Oops! They should build a roundabout for confused drivers and fix it quickly. It was not the best day for the people who made the plans for this bridge. But this would be a great set for a Hollywood movie.


3. Oh, the balcony that is going nowhere. Maybe the person had thought he needed a gallery. He places a fence and puts all possible burglars on a false trail. If they climb on the balcony, they only notice that there is no door!


4. We know electricity and water are best friends, bu you certainly do not go at the same time showering and blow dry your hair. That's just common sense.


5. Here someone is trying to be nice and efficient, but this construction seems like two buses collided against the side, and there it remains.


6. Hey, window, are you drunk? how could this happen? Maybe it is the drunk person who made it. Or maybe this is likely room to fall out of the hotel.


7. Well, it seems pretty sad for the traffic light. But it also appears to be pretty serious for drivers, because you know that there are traffic lights to regulate traffic.


8. This can not be good. Children should not enter into that kind of mysterious hole as they play. Unless this is a game from the series "Lost". We only hope that the other end is not in China or Australia.


9. These two buildings are really ... in the wrong place.


10. You have to ask yourself: left or right drawer tray?

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