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10 Good Habits For A Happy Relationship

Happy relationships don't happen by accident. A couple should be both emotionally healthy and loving to be the best partners they can be. Here are 10 habits of the happiest couples.


1. They always kiss their spouse hello and goodbye.

Making eye contact and kissing your partner will prioritize your relationship. Make sure to do it at least twice a day even during the busiest mornings or evenings.


2. They are generous with compliments.

Everyone needs compliments, especially from their partner.Simple compliments like -"You look wonderful", "This food is amazing" and "I am so proud of you" can make a big difference.


3. They disagree at times, but they are fair.

Disagreeing is normal. Take a look and see what bad habits you and your partner have when you disagree. Make a list of them communicate with your partner to find a better way.


4. They focus on the things they like about their partner, rather than the things they don't.

Focusing on the positive traits increases warmth, friendship and feeling liked by your partner. Even when couples are met with problems, they find the humor in their differences and work to find temporary compromises.


5. They engage in a little PDA.

The happiest couples are never afraid to show affection to each other. A little PDA can go a long way.


6. They don't expect their partner to read their mind. Instead, they ask for what they need.

The happiest couples make a habit of asking for what they need and listen to each other's needs.


7. They set aside time to reconnect and make it a priority.

They understand that affection and sex doesn't just happen in long-term relationships. Couples need to cultivate a connection instead of hoping it just happens.


8. They laugh together - often.

When couples get out of laughing together, their relationship is at risk of losing its joy and spirit.


9. They discuss their finances.

Talking about money before there is a big problem is one of the smartest things to ensure your marriage will be long-lasting and happy.


10. They give each other the benefit of the doubt.

Remember that you are on the same team. Giving your partner the benefit of the doubt is a great strength in a happy relationship.

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