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You Won't Believe What Happened To The Injured Fox After He Was Caught By A Lion Family

Photographer Graham Dyer happened upon something amazing when he was walking through the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in South Africa - an injured fox was trapped by a lioness. It seemed like all was over for the poor fox, but what happened next was totally incredible. Click through to find out.


1. The Injured Fox Got Caught.

The injured fox was unable to move much when the hungry lioness approached him. Then another lion came along and took a keen interest in the fox. It looked like it was game over.


2. Serious Back Injuries

The poor fox seemed to have some kind of painful back injury and was squealing in pain as the lions approached to smell their prey.


3. The Mother Lion Protected The Poor Fox.

It was about dinner time and whilst other lions were eager to taste their delicious prey, the mother lion sat protectively around the injured fox. It seemed that her motherly instinct had kicked in.


4. Siesta Time

The lion pride and the injured fox took a nap together as the evening drew on, with nobody eating or threatening the fox.


5. The Daddy Lion Lost Interest.

The male lion soon lost interest and walked off, thinking the fox wasn't worth hanging around for. Then he seemed to be intrigued by why the mother lion was still protecting the fox and went over to investigate further.


6. The Over-protective Female Lion Rebuked The Male Lion.

The male lion got annoyed and roared a bit at the fox. Seeing this, the mother swiped at him with her paw, as if warning him off from harming her new 'cub'.


7. The Lion Family Joined Others For Food.

Just a few minutes later, Dyer heard the sounds of the hungry lion family fighting over food in the distance and he assumed the worst. But to his surprise, the fox was still safe when he approached to investigate. It turned out the lions had joined another group, who had brought back food.


8. Not Safe Yet.

Though Dyer didn't capture it on the camera, the fox was accosted by two hungry jackals after his encounter with the lions. He fended them off with his battle cries and escaped safely.


9. The injured fox slowly recovered.

The fox was still alive some days later. what's more amazing is that the fox seemed to make a remarkable recovery from his injury. Dyer wrote on social media, "Although at first it appeared to have a broken back or pelvis, it eventually was able to stand up unsteadily on its back legs. So it may have just been badly bruised."


10. An Amazing Story

The story of the mother lion protecting its prey - an injured fox, taught us love will always win out in the end and gives us hope when in desperation. Never give up on love.

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