What These 11 Game of Thrones Characters Look Like In Real Life

Game of Thrones not only satisfies us with the award-winning performances, beautiful cinematography, perfect original score, and heartbreaking plot twists, but also with the amazing otherworldly characters that convince us they do really exist. Besides some of the best makeup and CG in the industry used, the equally fantastic human actors should also be given credit for the huge success of those characters.
Here's a peek at what these 11 Game of Thrones characters look like in real life.

1. Wun Wun - Ian Whyte

Ian Whyte plays Wun Wun, who is thought to be the last of the giants. In fact, Ian Whyte played three roles altogether in Game of Thrones. Besides Wun Wun, he started as the first White Walker in "Winter Is Coming", and then played Ser Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane. In real life, Whyte is 7 ft 1 in tall.