The 11 Worst Fast Food Chains In America

Aside from wanting the speed and convenience of fast food restaurants, people are increasingly demanding more dining options, including the freshness and the quality of the food, dining atmosphere and more. The magazine surveyed many fast-food customers and ranked the worst fast food restaurants in America based on qualities such as dining atmosphere, food quality, cleanliness, service, and so on.


11. Little Caesars

Consumer Reports' Grade: 73/100
In spite of advertising the freshness and quality of its ingredients, Little Caesars ranked low because of the mediocre quality and freshness of its dishes.


10. Panda Express

Consumer Reports' Grade: 73/100
As the only Asian fast food chain on the list, Panda Express offers Chinese cuisine, but the quality and freshness of the food have just an average level. Besides, the dishes are not cheap.


9. McDonald's

Consumer Reports' Grade: 73/100
McDonald’s sells nearly 1,500 burgers very minute in America. However, it is the quality but not quantity that matters. The Consumer Reports’ readers still rate its food quality and freshness as one of the worst.


8. Taco Bell

Consumer Reports' Grade: 73/100
As the best known Mexican fast food chain in the United States, Taco Bell received bad grades for its plain food quality and freshness. It recently offered breakfast competing with McDonald's.


7. Pizza Hut

Consumer Reports' Grade: 73/100
Started by two brothers in 1958 , Pizza Hut is one of the most famous pizza chains. Now the company has more than 6,000 restaurants across the country.


6. Domino's

Consumer Reports' Grade: 73/100
Domino's is another pizza chain. It received a bad grade due to the quality of its dishes, the speed of the service, and the cleanliness of the dining environment.


5. Church's Chicken

Consumer Reports' Grade: 72/100
Church’s Chicken was established in the 1950s, selling fried chicken, biscuits and fries. The chain, known as Texas Chicken outside the U.S., has more than 1,600 locations worldwide.


4. CiCi's Pizza

Consumer Reports' Grade: 72/100
CiCi's Pizza now has more than 500 restaurants in the United States. Although the chain ranked low due to the quality of the dishes and the cleanliness of the dining area, it did well with the politeness of its waiting stuff and the speed of its service.


3. Burger King

Consumer Reports' Grade: 71/100
As another giant burger chain, Burger King fared poorly due to its plain food quality and bad value of its food. Burger King now has more than 13,000 restaurants all over the world.


2. KFC

Consumer Reports' Grade: 69/100
As one of the most popular fast food chains, KFC received low grades on the food quality, its value and the cleanliness of its dining area.


1. Sbarro

Consumer Reports' Grade: 65/100
Sbarro ranked low in this list because of its poor food quality and food freshness.

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