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Privacy Policy

This policy explains what information TheDecorIdeas collects from you, how we collect it, how it is used, and why it is secure. It is hoped that, after reading this, you can know what information we collect from you and how it will be used by us.


A cookie is a small file recording a certain amount of data about you. It is stored on your device's hard drive and will be sent to our server when you visit our website. These cookies record your browsing activities, with which we could create a unique service that is only designed for you. You are free to block or delete the cookies on your browser settings. However, once blocking cookies, you will no longer receive customized service and some basic functions of our website may be unavailable.

Types of Cookies

Essential Cookies: They are essential for the whole service, without which the basic functions of our website will be unavailable. For example, if the essential cookies are restricted, you cannot stay logged in and publish comments on our website.

Analytics cookies: These cookies are used for statistical purposes, with which we can know how our website is accessed and used. We use Google Analytics to process the information, which is an efficient tool freely provided by Google.

Performance and Functionality Cookies: Performance cookies are to monitor your performance on our website and store the data on how you interact with our website. By analyzing these data, we can evaluate the quality of our service. Functionality cookies collect your personal preferences, which is significant for customization. If you block them, they will no longer have personalized ads and content carefully selected by us.

Advertising Cookies: Depending on these cookies, our website could provide personal ads uniquely to each user based on previous web browsing activity records. These personal ads are selected according to your interests.

Third-party Cookies: These cookies are sent to users by our partners. Some of them may automatically transmit your information to them without informing us. We highly suggest that you had better check the third-party information in detail. Outbrain, the partner of our website, is to provide intriguing content for you. You can find its Privacy Policy on

Users’ choices regarding cookies

If you want to block cookies, you can go to the setting page of the browsers and find relevant options. Nevertheless, you still can see the advertisements or third-party links on our website after turning off the cookies function. You just cannot get personalized service. Meanwhile, other functions of our website will not work, such as storing your preferences, and some pages may not display properly as well.

If you still feel confused about what cookies are and how cookies work. Here are two useful links that comprehensively introduce the knowledge of cookies:

Privacy Policy

We will use your information following this Privacy Policy. You agree to all the statements mentioned in this Privacy Policy once you visit TheDecorIdeas.

We absolutely do not collect any private information about you. We just record your browsing preferences, which refer to how you interact with our website. Depending on this information, we could find which aspects of our website need to change and improve. After that, we can make some optimization on our service and give you a better browsing experience.

If there are some legal issues, like track abuse, we will disclose the information we collect timely under the request of the law, without any hesitation. We guarantee that all the service provided by us is secure without any cheat or virus. What we collect from you is only used on our website, which will not be shared on the Internet.

This statement could be amended in the future if necessary. How we use the information is subject to the Privacy Policy of the time when the information is used. When the change of this policy is posted, you have to agree to it compulsorily.

If you have any questions and suggestions, please contact us. We are looking forward to your advice. The email address of TheDecorIdeas is [email protected].

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