12 Pictures You Won't Believe Are Real

1. Indoor Cloud

You might have never thought that a cloud could appear in the room, but it really did. You need special conditions to create indoor clouds, maintain the phenomenon and give it bigger proportions. The work has been done by artist Berndnaut Smilde with specific humidity and temperatures to make the real clouds.


2. Jewel Corn

Believe it or not, it is a real type of corn called "Glass Gem Corn", obtained by hybridization of several corn varieties by an Oklahoma farmer named Carl Barnes. A lot of efforts have been made to find seeds of each type, and it was just a matter of putting it into productivity.


3. Incredibly Cool Grid Waves

This is a natural phenomenon called "Cross Sea". Just imagine that you throw a stone into a lake, and quickly after, another stone, nearby the previous one. The waves will eventually intersect under a certain angle. The winds plays the role of the stone.


4. Flamingos In The Shape Of A Flamingo

You never know when nature will amaze you next. This moment was captured by Bobby Haas, a professional photographer, in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.


5. Curvy Roads

This is an actual picture of a road in Japan after an earthquake. The staff on the road are probably trying to figuring out how to restore the roads.


6. Red Rose In Black And White Surroundings

This is an actual shot of a red hibiscus flower which blossomed after a volcanic eruption in Indonesia. The vegetation is all gray because of the thick layer of ash.


7. Pink River

Lake Retba in Senegal. Its pink color is due to the high concentration of salt (40%) which creates a high level of "Dunaliella salina", a salt eating bacteria, which turns pink.


8. Stairways To Hell

This is art found in a Swedish underground station. The red and black combination convey a strong message, which makes it a bit creepy.


9. Lego City

This is a housing complex in the city of San Buenaventura in Mexico. The similar looking houses convey a sense of equality and communism in the air of San Buenaventura.


10. Namib Desert

This photo was taken by Korea's Kompsat-2 satellite on 7th January 2012, and it is a shot of the dry riverbed of Sossusvlei River. Despite the fact that geologists have been researching this area for decades, they still don't know why the amazing dunes are formed in this way.


11. Half 'n Half Cat

This "Chimera" cat is called Venus who has about 165,000 followers on Instagram. Due to her striking physical appearance, she is a true celebrity in the feline world.


12. Shark-ception

Mother nature strikes again, this photo is an excellent example of "survival of the fittest". A fully grown tiger shark swallowed a whole dogfish in one huge bite. This scene was shot by a group of scientists.