8 Most Impressive National Pavilions On Milan Expo 2015

Theme: "Water and Lotus"

The bamboo structure resembles Vietnam's national flower???lotus, which is a symbol of purity. Inside of the pavilion, there lies a shallow pool that naturally cools the air and provides a fine microclimate. It conveys a message that Vietnam is dedicated to protect water resources and the environment.


Theme: "Grown in Britain: Shared Globally"

The UK Pavilion resembles a beehive at the end of a meadow of wildflowers, following the journey of honeybees to highlight the role of pollination in the global food chain and ecosystem and raise awareness of the impact food has on everyone's lives.


Theme: "The Fields of Tomorrow"

The Israel pavilion features a 40-foot-high spectacular and vertical garden with plants and flowers changing colors with the seasons. It draws attention to Israel's transition from a country of mostly arid and dry land to a fertile leader in agriculture and innovation.


Theme: "Harmonious Diversity"

The Japan pavilion takes a shape of a "bowl of diversity" by adopting a three-dimensional wooden grid as construction materials that embody "sustainability" and symbolize Japan's diversity--four seasons, nature, ecosystem and food. It shows an appropriately harmonious mix of tradition and modernity.


Theme: "Growing for the World. Cultivating for the Future."

The Russia pavilion contains a sleek facade, green rooftop, and mirrored canopy that protects visitors from the elements. Its structure virtually aims to evoke Noah's Ark, and to emphasize the country's place as a leading proponent of food security.


Theme: "You Are What You Eat"

The South Korea pavilion is a full moon???shaped building resembling the moon jar used to preserve fermented foods. With harmonic forms and dazzling white color, it tells how a healthy diet can improve one's outlook on life and help preserve our environment and demonstrate the creativity and diversity of Korean cuisine.


Theme: "The Nursery of Italy"

The Italy pavilion looks like a kind of urban forest, containing roots on the ground, branches spreading upward, and a canopy made of solar panels. The tree symbolizes life and nature, while the nursery represents the nurturing of projects and ideas.


Theme: "Land of Hope"

The China pavilion embodies the theme through an undulating roof floating over a "land of hope", merging the profile of a city skyline on the building's north side with the profile of a landscape on the southern side, and expressing the idea that "hope" can be realized when nature and the city exist in harmony.