6 Reasons Why Single Girl Should Travel To Brazil Immediately

Ipanema Beaches

Among more than 1,500 options, Ipanema is the most romantic beach for single women. You will find the beach absolutely special and unique. Great seafood is available all along the coast. It's good choice to join in a pick_up water skiing or diving all around clear reef pools.


Cascading Canyoning

Sometimes the rush of adrenaline brings you unusual experiences. Cascading Canyoning may be very challenging and certainly gets the heart pounding. While climbing down canyons and through waterfalls, you will have the unforgotten memory of viewing the fantastic natural beauty of the Brazil.


Amazon Rainforest

Amazon gonna be the most amazing rainforest you'd ever seen.There is much to explore in this breathtaking landscape.A plenty of tropical plants, animals and insect as well as food. It is suggested you get a local guide, and make sure your phone is on. The life of amazon will definitely astonish you. Come and go prepared!



Come and join in the Carnival to feel the passion of Brazilians. Carnival is one of the most exciting cultural Parties of this colorful country. Women wear colorful costumes and dance all night long. If partying is your thing, you will definitely enjoy making friends with the locals and tourists from around the world here.


Rio Scenarium

If you are a music lover, Scenarium is absolutely a wonderful place to go in Rio. You will have the to dance and listen to fantastic music here all night long. The food here is yummy. More than that, you can feel how the local party and people are.


New Year's Eve Celebrations

Having so many New Year's Eve in your own country, time to make a difference and try something new. Brazil's celebration will warm you with its great passion. Ready to dance all night long without stop? Go and prepare the amazing trip to the amazing place.