25 Stunning Human Race Photos You Can't Ignore

1. Young Boy Feeds his mother

The mother and boy squat near each other while the young boy feels his mother, who has tragically lost both of her arms.


2. The weary eyes

A girl has spent 11 days alone in a Siberian forest and suffered from the scratches and insect bites before being comfortable.


3. Love is eternal

At the tender age of 72 years young, a same-sex couple finally gets married in Iowa.


4. A Child Militant

The young Palestinian girl attends an Islamic Jihad rally in Gaza City with a Kalashnikov rifle. She didn't have a single penny left on.


5. Sleeping Cousins

A 3-week-old newborn with albinism sleeps beside his cousin peacefully in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


6. "Dreaming Up Wars…"

"I'm fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in." ~ George S. McGovern


7. An Eagle Huntress of Mongolia

The 13-year-old girl Ashol-Pan is an eagle huntress, the only female of the group of young hunters. One photographer recalled, "To see her with the eagle was amazing. She was much more comfortable, powerful and even at ease with it."


8. A Typical Siberian Meal

Can't understand why these kids are so happy about it.


9. Mother and Daughter Have Unusual Similar Eyes

One dark eye and one blue runs through the generations.


10. Save From Destroyed Home

A man risked his life saving his baby sister from their crumbling home in Syria.


11. The Proud Father

He is very poor, but his father did everything he could to make sure his son made it through college.


12. Child Dragging His Alcoholic Father Home

Witnessing this is heartbreaking.


13. IDF Soldier Pauses After Training

The young, 18-year-old woman's look is striking in the Israeli Defense Forces.


14. A Young Iraqi Girl

A minority girl who comes from the Yazidi sect in Iraq watches the cameraman.


15. Attempted Suicide

Strangers rally to aide a woman who tried to commit suicide on a public bus.


16. Brothers

A monk and his brother link hands.


17. Boy From Nomadic Suri Tribe of Ethiopia

That boy in front is dressed in traditional body paint and natural attire.


18. A Chinese Coal Miner

There isn't a smidge of skin on his hands that isn't black.


19. 7-Year-Old Syrian Rebel

There is always someone who has little choice in the life they are taught.


20. The Rice Farmer from a Small Village in Vietnam Is Old.


21. The Girl Walks Between Villages Among Baobab Trees.


22. Acid Attack Victims

The 3-year-old kisses her mother. They survived an attack by the father/husband.


23. Protect Her Family

A young Yezidi woman arms herself with an AK-47, to protect her family from ISIS militants.


24. Ethiopian Girl from the Hamer Tribe


25. Mother & Son