20 Most Awkward Prom Photos You Have Ever Seen

High school was a pretty awkward time for most of us, and nothing says "I was an awkward teen" like bad prom pictures. But put yourself at ease, because compared with the following prom catastrophes you are about to see, you'll be thinking to yourself, well maybe you were the normal one there.

1. You May Fall Into The River At A Prom

This will happen when you are trying to take a group picture.


2. Lady Liberty & Mad Max

Well, at least she needn't worry if she might hurt anyone.


3. Party Stuffers

Classic Mom move...stuffing daughter's bra so she can compete with the other girls.


4. Being Smart Will Only Get You So Far.

We can't blame her date for looking so happy.


5. Always Watch Out The One Behind You.

Watch out kiddo! Somebody is thinking of becoming a serial killer.


6. Too Excited

We can't imagine how this boy managed to get this hot blonde to the prom party, but obviously, he is too excited to control his eyes direction.


7. Too Cool For School

We are too cool to take off glasses for even one picture.


8. When You Have No Date

When everyone else has dates except you.


9. Over-tanned Men

Sorry for these girls, but their taste in men is quite crusty.


10. Giant Shoes

When you have to take photos with all these giant shoes.


11. Overkill

But that dad really doesn't need that huge gun to take down that nerdy kid.


12. My Anaconda...

I think Tyler and his Anaconda said yes.


13. What A Hairstyle

The haircut was well worth the whole past week it took to put together.


14. When Girls Don't Have Boys Dates To The Prom

Well, they can make some boys dates out of paper cuts.


15. Submissive Guy And Dominant Girl

This is the what usually happens in our daily life now.


16. When Your Brother Takes You To Prom

He looks like he just stepped out of a hair metal band. But at least he took off his acid wash jeans for one night and threw on a tux.


17. Your Prince Charming Is Dancing With Some Other Girl

You can only stand there watching bitterly when you r dream boy dances with another girl.


18. Awkward Prom Outfits

Imagination has no limits. This is especially true when it comes to prom dress.


19. A Picture With Selena Gomez

Crazy fan students have ways to take their idols to the prom.


20.Awkward Standing Position

Why does the shortest boy have to stand in the middle?