16 Incredible Celebrity Cars

In our present day, it just seems like a necessity for celebrities to be seen driving the most lavish and luxurious cars out there. With their million to billion dollar net worths, they can just buy anything under the sun. As luxurious as their cars can get, a lot of stars opt to have their vehicles customized and made even more lavish with the top of the line specs. Did you ever wonder how much it cost to buy such a luxurious vehicle? Did any of them need a loan for the purchase? Let's see some of the biggest names who have the cars we wish we could call our own.


Rapper Bryan "Birdman" Williams' is a proud owner of a Maybach Exelero that is said to have cost a whopping $8.8 million. Doesn't this make you want to become a rapper because of all the fortune that comes with it? Reportedly, he has more than 30 luxurious cars in his collection.