15 Stars Who You May Not Know Are Actually Jerks In Real Life

We all have our favorite actors and singers who, in our opinion, can do nothing wrong. But they are also human and some can handle the pressure better than others. Here we compiled a list of 15 stars who seem nice but are actually jerks in real life.


1. Tobey Maguire

The Spider-Man superhero Tobey Maguire has been known to lash out at paparazzi, refuse to sign autographs and allegedly make ludicrous on-set coffee demands. It's also claimed that the high-stakes player once demanded a Hollywood poker hostess "bark like a seal" for a chip.


2. Lea Michele

It's no secret Lea Michele has rubbed her Glee co-stars up the wrong way with her prima donna antics. In addition to that, she also reduced Hailee Steinfeld to tears when she denied the young True Grit star an autograph.


3. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts was dubbed "Tinkerhell" by the Hook crew for her insufferable behavior on the set. Her sudden pulling out of the movie Shakespeare in Love also left the team high and dry, not to mention the 2012 pre-show Oscars huff when she refused to stick to the script.


4. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan may be an aspirational character to many, but he may not be as nice as you think. He will get annoyed when fans ask him for autographs and pictures. He is also so hyper-competitive that he even tried to cheat an old lady at cards. He has ever been kicked out of public places for throwing a tantrum when he's treated like a regular human being.


5. Christina Aguilera

The once sweet, innocent teen sensation, Christina, has definitely changed. She reportedly has diva strops and can be very rude. She once called Mickey Mouse an "*sshole" during an altercation at Disneyland.


6. Kiefer Sutherland

The incredible "24" star has been called the most unprofessional person to work with by Freddie Prince Jr and can be very rude to regular folks on the street too. There are tons of people who have nothing good to say about this man.


7. Jennifer Aniston

It seems that Jennifer Aniston isn't everyone's friend. It's reported that the actress refused to socialize with the rest of the cast and chose to eat her meals alone on the set of her movie Life of Crime.


8. Ariana Grande

The diminutive diva Ariana Grande is guilty of some truly brattish behavior. It's said she only permits one side of her face to be photographed. She was once notoriously filmed launching an unprovoked verbal attack on America and its doughnuts.


9. Bruce Willis

"Cop Out" director Kevin Smith commented about Bruce Willis in a 2011 interview that the veteran actor had been completely uncooperative and had even refused to pose for promotional photos. "Tears of the Sun" director Antoine Fuqua described Willis as having been a "pain in the ass" during the filming of the 2003 drama.


10. Rihanna

Rihanna revealed a definite mean streak in 2014 when she ruthlessly mocked a young fan on Twitter after finding a picture of the fan replicating her red carpet cape-like catsuit for her prom. She posted a couple of cruel memes comparing the 16-year-old to a bat.


11. Beyonce

On her 2013/14 Mrs. Carter tour, Queen B curtailed press photography and reportedly dictated every last detail down to the color of the toilet paper. Then at the O2 arena, Beyonce eschewed the venue's usual dressing rooms and got herself a huge suite that's normally reserved for whole sports teams.


12. Russell Crowe

FYI, Russell Crowe was actually arrested in 2005 for hitting a hotel employee with a telephone. This happened when the incredible actor found the employee approaching him and Nicole Kidman in a restaurant.


13. Danny Glover

In 2007, the then 60-year-old Danny Glover punched a New York Daily News photographer in the face, and a few years later in May 2015, he complained to a KTVU news anchor, "I'm not somebody who's moved to the wayside." when he found his airtime cut short.


14. Justin Bieber

It seems Justin just couldn't shake off his "bad boy" image even with hit after hit in 2015. It's reported that he has peed on his fans, wrote in the guestbook of Anne Frank's house that she should have been a belieber, and threw temper tantrums in public places when he didn't get special treatment.


15. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has called her fans "pathetic nobodies" in texts and voicemails. She once told Dujour magazine that she stopped taking pictures with her fans because Kanye won't let her anymore.